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    Hi all, this is our first year doing lawn care, (check my post in "Tell your story" for background information) and we have had several of our customers asking us do we spray to kill weeds, dendelions and ect. I am under the impression that you have to have licenses to do this type of work, and I just feel like I am losing out on alot of money!! My brother works for Trugreen out of greenville and that's all they do is Spray poisons, and he said that they make a ton of money off of that stuff. Any advice? What kind of Poison? How do you go about getting licenses to spray this stuff? Any information would be very helpful, thanks!!
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    Someone here recently told me that I needed to look into getting mine and since that was said it rang a bell.

    Would also like to know what does it take, schooling or is this something you learn by textbooks?

    Links, references and suggested books would be appreciated
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    Yes, there are CONTROL materials that when used by an educated, trained pesticide applicator can safely manage weed, disease and insect problems in the ornamental property management arena.

    Start with the pinned thread at the top of this forum, strangley enough, called licensing in all states.
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    Dude, don't feel first was all I could do to get any grass growing at all!!!! Never mind the weeds! They had just built a building and there was nothing but dirt and a few spots of.....well.....if you want to call it grass you can. The few people who came before me were people who haul lawnmowers in the back of their pickups and cut grass on weekends. I had to go down to Southern States and really study fertilizers before I found the right one. Now the place looks like Ireland and I am dancing an Irish Jig!
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    Talk to your brother, if he is licensed have him do your apps on the weekends, get your license and he can show you some of the basics. good luck
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    I wish you the best of luck expanding your business, but your post makes me a little defensive. The only reason one needs a pesticide license is cuz of left-wing nutballs who caused a 'beef' years ago.

    Nearly all lawn/tree "pesticides" are DESIGNED to be used around pets, people, and natural wildlife.

    Pesticides used by lawn/tree care companies are usually less toxic than what indoor pest operators use INSIDE to the cat bowl, in your kitchen, next to your favorite chair in the living room, next to your fish bowl, next to your computer, etc, etc.

    Also, just cuz a product is called 'organic' has nothing to do whatsoever regarding safety.

    Bud, I hope you don't stand by your car while fueling up with gasoline, or drive on fresh asphalt, or drink coffee, or smoke (cigs or weed), take aspirin, or take cold medicine, or drive in rush hour traffic, or breathe air (mold, pollen, etc), or get your car detailed (cleaned).

    If you are that concerned about "poisons", please do not shop at garden centers either, cuz nurseries, Wal-Mart, Menards, Home Depot, Loews, and many grocery stores "sell poison" (your words).

    Also -- many "weeds" cause allergic reactions in human hosts -- even grass clippings cause some folks to have to wear a mask when they mow.

    I could go on & on, but I think you know how I feel. I leave the scientific evidence to land grant universities & the companies that develop safe/effective products, cuz they are the true experts in their field.

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    Are you alright my brother?--I can't follow what you posted as having anything to do with the original question! Have you been out in the heat too long!!!!

    I have a pretty specific question for you! IF you are interested in this field of business as an add-on, why not talk to your brother? If he works for TGCL, then he knows where to get your license--insurance and bonding if your state requires it. I don't understand why you wouldn't trust him unless there are things under the table going on!

    Some states will require you to work as an apprentice under a licensed application company for up to 5 years or more to even take their exams. Look into your state Extension Services for they will advise you where to ask!

    I didn't intend to do Landscapes--Weed Control--Fertilizing--Lawn Services,etc when I was younger. I had interests in Marketing--Graphic Design--Blue Print Renderings--Graphic Illustrations. Our family is in this business and has been since 1976. I had opportunities to venture out and make other career changes, such as fiber optics, telephone, Digital services,a and Satellite. The day that I decided to plant roots into the lawn business side of spraying, since the license is in my name and not my father's, I operate a separate entity. I run the lawn crew and work beside them in my work also. It is good that you want to study this field of services, as you will discover that killing weeds isn't all about throwing chemcals all over the ground.....and making a ton of money......there are cultural methods or IPM's that are more effective. Chems are the last resort or when nothing else can be done physically. Once you become licensed in your state, trust me, all the free publications, etc. will start to flood your cell phone or the mail box, which ever comes first. You will need to read any and all publications you can get your hands on. You will need to learn monocots--dicots--annuals--biennials--perennials--grassy weeds--summer weeds--winter weeds--sedges--broadleaves--onions. Then learn all the different types of herbicides out there. Esters--Amines--Sulfonylureas--Triazinones--Azoles(Not A#$holes)--Arsenicals--All the different types of Preemerge's--Postemerge's. The list will go on, and all the while the chemical industry is changing faster than you can learn and keep up. Kind of like the computer industry, the minute you buy a new computer, it is already outdated.
    Anyway---get with your brother, and have him tell you all this stuff unless TGCL tells him what to put into his tanks and not what it is some other companies I know! They start spraying and don't have a clue what they are doing....Like puttets on a stick!!!! LOL!!

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