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    This was my first year fulltime, and things went pretty well. I went from 9 accounts last year, to over 30 this year(09). I started to get so many calls, that i quit running my steady ad in the paper. I passed out a few hundred flyers this fall for tree and leaf work, but picked up hardly any work! I have now come to the point of getting a 'real' job, and i hate it. My question is, has any one else had this problem there first year? anyone in rural texas having slow work from the economy?(my towns pop.=3000). im not sure if its the economy or i just did not advertise enough?Thanks for any help guys!!
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    A few hundred flyers won't generate that many calls. You need to hit those houses again and again.

    You should be able to mow the 30 houses you have during the weekend and have a full time job during weekdays. As things pick up for your business you can decide which direction you want to take.

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