Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TFL, Jul 4, 2002.

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    I need some serious business help. i started my business with a partner. this Oartner has now became unrelible. and doesn't seem to care. I have casually brought up the idea of buying his half. But he said he really wanted to stay in the business. His actions are really begining to hurt the business. What can I do. Any help would be very much appriciated.
  2. 65hoss

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    Take him out behind the building and kick some sense into him.

    Have a really long heart to heart talk with this idiot. Tell him your not going to do all the work and him just collect some money. The business and partnership must come first or he must hit the road. He can buy you out or you can buy him out.

    Last resort you can dissolve the partnership and take you toys and go home. Start over with a lot of hard earned knowledge.
  3. Tony Harrell

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    Once again, the partnership has not worked out. Everyone has their own ideas and expectations. Unless these are communicated fully and in writing, this is what happens. Who needs it.
  4. TFL

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    Thanks for the advice i will try talking with him.
  5. Bladewielder

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    If there is no chance in hell of him allowing you to buy him out and it is (or was supposed to be) a true partnership split the assets and debts down the middle. It doesn't matter who wants out just as long as one of you does. A partnership takes two after all. As far as the clientele goes split these as well. If he is as indifferent to dedication as you say his half of the customers won't be pleased for long. Make sure you contact or approach them somehow to explain things and let them know you are interested in providing the same service they were used to if they fail to get it now. If you have a company name you both could abandon it if you can't decide who gets it. If you have advertised it extensively that complicates things a bit. Just remember that people appreciate and take notice of good work much more so than any fancy name. I hope I've helped at least a little.
  6. Brickman

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    How are things going now? Man I feel for ya. We have more than too many head aches in this biz without some body blatantly adding to them.

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