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    *trucewhiteflag*I ioversee a commercial property in Toronto and it seems that there is no grass only greenery ,very little grass.How should i handle this we cannot use herbicide as it is banned only the weak organic stuff,plus it seems that all i am mowing is lettuce which looks green still ,should i put down grass seed i am a amateur and need advice
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    That all depends on the customers expectations and the size of the lot. Clarify a bit and we'll see if we can help you.
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    If they are paying you enough I would consider slowing seeding and bring the lawn up so it looks good.
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    did you not walk the property with the person overseeing the contract and go over with them what is expected and what they hoped for in terms of conditions and improvements and then include this in your bid?

    If you did not include bringing the turf back in your quote then if you do so it will take a good chunk of your margin out of the job. High quality grass seed for this area of the country is minimum $84/33 lbs, and it covers 1000 sq feet per 4 pounds of seed if your over seeding...if there is no turf to begin with, then your needing 8 lbs per 1000 sq feet, plus labour.

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