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    Ok so im fairly new to this site i bought a house last winter and the yard was horrible. The previous people used the backyard as a parking lot for cars and to turn around so 90% was destroyed. I didn't know much about soil and what not and the yard was almost like a thin layer of process in places so i bought a topsoil from a local recycling place and put down a thin(2") layer and some seed and starter fert. and took a chance. Come to find out the soil is very acidic and nothing really happened. I actually bought new topsoil towards the middle of august and tried again. By the end of october i seemed to have an "OK" lawn. From a far it looked good and full up close you could tell it was pretty thin but getting thicker. My question is this year i went out and was raking the old up and now it seems to be really thin like i ripped half of the grass out, what should i do just overseed and fert. or do i just not have enough topsoil or good enough topsoil. I just want a nice lawn and willing to put the time and money into it but just don't know enough. thanks for the help!
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    If your soil is very acidic your going to want to lime the lawn, bring the acid level down. Lime can't burn your lawn, but I would go to a local irrigation/ fertilizer store and get some specific help. Once you lime, topdress the lawn with a mulch. You may be able to overseed right after, but I might wait a week or so, then overseed. Give it some time and then give a fert app.
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    Any kind of raking that tears up the grass by the roots is completely unnecessary... Keep stuff off the turf that may smother it but otherwise let it grow naturally... :)
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    Go buy some bulk compost and spread it at 1/4" over the lawn. Compost is usually alkaline and the organic matter will buffer the pH as well. This will help the new seed you plant grow better.
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    If grass grew it can't be completely acidic. Your best bet would be professional care. Call a small local company. Plenty of fertilizer and water will thicken it up. You may need to add some higher quality grass seed types. Get a company to do your crabgrass control plus add weed control in May and October.
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    When you say acidic I assume you actually had a soil analysis done. Given that cars were parked there you might want to check several areas in case of contamination. Cars also tend to compact the soil. An aeration might be a good idea too. Personally I like to use lime as you can titrate the amount of change in PH by reading the label directions and setting your spreader accordingly.
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