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    I have a serious problem that I don’t know how to fix

    Ok so here is what is happening:
    I just got done with having my house remodeled. During the remodel, the contractor ran over part of the lawn with his machinery for 9 month, leaving it compacted down. So when it came time replace my yard he brought in black dirt to make it all even and fill in any areas that were compacted and then re-graded the yard, he then put the sod down and all was good. I had a boggy yard for a month and everything is fine or is getting better as the days go on. But I have one section of my yard that is a high traffic section that is all mud. I had them look for a cracked irrigation line and they couldn’t find any. His landscaper put down about 9 inches of dirt to make up for the low spot they made. But now I can’t even walk on the section without messing the sod up. The sod has been installed for almost two months and I can’t mow it because it’s too wet. I can’t walk on it because we have had a lot of rain in Minnesota and the water is not draining out. I can’t put in any kind of drainage really because I live on the lake and we can’t dig down too far. So the grade is almost nothing. I have drain tile in a few spots so the water can drain into the lake but it’s not possible to install one at this location. So my question is, what can I do to turn this mud pit into solid ground? I have heard of mixing sand and petemoss in there but I have heard that if you put too much in then it will just make matters worse. I was thinking of mixing in some wood chips too. Should I just remove all the dirt and till up the hard packed area to see if I can get it to drain better and then put the dirt back in or just mix some things into the dirt?
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    My guess would be he compacted the ground so much it can't drain like a bowl. You might have to just wait it out to dry up. The hard way would be removing the fill dirt and deep core aerating and allowing it to dry out before filling and sodding. The contractor just tried to bury the problem.
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