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    I have had a business for a year now, i started, and still use, a crappy push mower. My accounts are getting to be too much to continue using that mower, but i don't have enough of a budget to buy a decent stand on or walk behind scag or gravely. I have been looking, but with no luck. I was wondering if somebody could sell me one for around $500.00. Or help find one in the Omaha, NE area for me. Any help is appreciated.
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    I work part time at the depot don't buy that for commercial use look at the 34" walk behind a lot less can go wrong and it will last longer and its the same as the gravely home owner model since ariens owns gravely. I would still look at craigslist and local for a used commercial.
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    I have an extra on it's a Lesco Ztwo 54", can't let it go for less than $1,000. Engine has maybe 200 hours on it, my 1st zero-turn..The mower just sits in case of emergencies.....
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    The thing is, last year i didnt have very many accounts, i could get by with the push mower. But just recently i have picked up way more accounts, and i cant get by with the push mower. And I didnt make enough money to afford a new and bigger mower for this year.
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    Well if you are in it to win it..maybe look into taking on some debt and finance a mower that will work for your needs next year. $500 could get you something pretty good, I'd steer clear of any HOME DEPOT type homeowner mowers though. Check craigs & ebay...don't buy the 1st thing you c ...shop around
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    There's no doubt that I'm in it to win it. I'm taking classes on entrepreneurship... but I'm 16 and in high school so i cant get a loan anywhere....
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    Here is a few I found real quick in your area. Something you may want to look at is are you charging accordingly? If you picked up a lot of accounts toward the end of the season, then cash flow shouldnt be to big of a problem, especially with your only expense probably being fuel. Tons of guys on here will say credit is bad and stay away, but a lot of those guys may not understand how to use it. Get your accounts and finances in order to know what you can afford. Dont go buy a 10k mower right off the bat, but maybe something around 1 grand. Cash is King, but credit is just as important I am still young (22) and I started right around 4 years ago. I had a few hundred bucks to get started with and access to a ride on mower.

    I purchased a cheap aerator from HD and made a couple grand in one aeration season because I had no overhead. Some guys will call you a scrub, and in a way you may be (no insurance, rent, storage, payments, license.....) Those are things you need to get squared away sooner than later. Being in an entrepreneurship class, you should know about competitive advantage. Currently, yours is because you have a 21" mower, you have to go slower, and therefore will notice things that the guys running around on their z's do not. Sell that to your customers. There is a guy on here, Jim Lewis, and that is all he uses. Read his posts, as they are very informative.

    Back to my point. I had a game plan from day one. I saved all my money from aeration to purchase a trailer and a scag 48"wb. I bought bigger than I needed at the moment because I knew I was going to grow. You have to plan for Growth! If you dont, it will break you in one way or another.

    So all in all, keep studying, learning (failing), and trying. You can succeed, but you HAVE TO PLAN FOR GROWTH.

    I hope all that makes sense, Im to tired to re-read it right now.

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