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    Hi all My name is mike I am 17 recently got my license, I have been doing landscaping for 2 years now. I have been working for someone else, and I have tried to branch off to do my own thing but not having my license has prohibited me from doing so. Last year I had 2 accounts, 1 of which never paid me for any work. I went their with my parents and the guy said he would put it in the mail, however I never got anything. I felt bad as he was an older man and I could tell he was having financial struggle. Needless to say this has discouraged me from going any further. The other week I got a call from someone saying he wanted me to take care of their lawn, and have it fully automated. He wanted me to do every thing from clean ups to seeding. I don't have a truck, so my moms SUV will have to do for now. I do pretty OK work, but I am just reluctant to jump into something so serious. The landscaper I work for said he would back me up if I needed help with something etc. Let me know your thoughts.

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    can't make any money sitting on the couch! Just make sure you do a good job and more jobs will come. Everyone starts somewhere

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