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  1. Do your research a mowing heights for those turfgrasses!
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    Check out a book on insects by the Entomology Society of America. Handbook of Turfgrass Insect Pests. It will give you the history of any turfgrass pest you want, pictures, IPM approach suggestions, monitoring tips, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Good book in short.
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    Messages: 73 Call them and ask for information on their product lineup. They are poultry manure based with humates and trace minerals. Check out their 75% organic Bridge line as well. Call 1-888-BIO-LIFE. It will be very well worth the time spent.
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    Thanks guys. I called my Ag Dept. today and in Vt. you don't need a license to fertilize or lime. I'm still going for the license as I'm sure i will need it, but at least now I can get her lawn started with some fertilizer. (After the soil test).
    I will look into the organics. Sounds interesting. I have bought and read some Turf science books, but I work with "Book Smart" engineers all day and I know there is nothing like real world experience. I appreciate all of that you can throw at me.
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    Absolutely, your knowledge and commitment to monitoring is worth more than the pesticides and you should be paid the same as if you were applying.

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    Organic Child

    I can see how organic Fertilizer works for you since you have a 5 ton truck and piggy back forklift to handle such.

    Do a search here on Lawn site under organic fertilizer and find out some of the draw backs of organic fertilizers on the environment. You might want to trade in your left wing anti war banner for a yellow ribbon, American flag and a real education in Agronomy.

    Sorry members Organic Child had a go round on an other forum with myself, and Groundskper. BTW Organic Child did you apply for a pesticide License yet. Organics have there place, but not a total organic program. Corn Gulden is not a herbicide I would recommend. Neem Oil will not kill grubs Etc.
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    Organics have their place. I have an organic program for my own business. I can sub out the pesticide to another company.

    I have done searches on this forum and see that organics/ pesticides seems to be like the age old Chevy/Ford arguments,
    or Dixie Chopper / Exmark. I stick with organics, and will continue to because I know it IS better for the environment. There are many experienced men on this forum who believe it is better as well, but I do not need them to prove it for me. You can stick to your ways, but I will stick to mine. I was reading a thread on here last night . One of the guys maintains many of the coastal mansions of New England, and says that l the owners know organic is better because they see it for themselves. Organic is considered politically correct out there. I could care less about politically correct. I am sticking with organics. Call me organic-child if you want to and you are naming all the experienced LCO's who think just like me.
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    Hello again, Mr. David Orgasmic Organic. Please show us the results of all your knowledge of and experience with organic turf care. Be sure it is just half of a turf area, with the other half treated with normal lawn fertilizers, so you can show just how the organic treatment blows away any other. Of course you will have pictures of lawn before your treatments, and pictures showing comparative areas every year for the 5-10 year trial. Would be good to also show one you have done for 20+ years, to prove how effective it is over long term.

    In time you may learn that information on a web site is just information, it is not necessarily truth. And information on a website promoting that web site's products is considered advertising, which is often distorted information. I can find you websites that reveal that the earth is flat, Elvis lives, Hitler never hurt a Jew, and many other wild ideas. And there are websites promoting seemingly wild ideas that are real.

    If you think you have found the magic way to treat turf, you need to go out and do it, not just bellow about doing it, please. Come back and try to gain converts when you have something to show.
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    Hey if people are willing to pay me the exra money I need, I'll do an organic program but I would inform them the route that they want to take is a long slow process and expectations have to be lowered.

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