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    OK, I've heard of cutthroat competition, and I'm not that scared of lowballers, but this goes beyond what I ever imagined! Last season I was putting up signs in certain area of town, just focusing on one area, to be more efficient. Well, I advertised for $30, and had plenty of business and this new guy came along and started putting up signs everywhere for $20. I didn't even change my sign, but I ended up finding out who he was because he actually called me to do some jobs that he either didn't want to do or didn't have time to do, which I took, because I had some room on my schedule. I ended up breaking my collar bone in an accident, and that pretty much ended the season for me, unfortunately, because I had no help. So this season I lowered the price on my signs to $25, not planning to do anything but the smallest yards for that price, but I didn't want my competitor to get all the calls. Today I got a page from him, and he started asking me why I put signs in "his" neighborhood, and acting like he owned the whole neighborhood, and couldn't believe that I was putting up signs there after he "helped me out" so much, even trying to say he taught me stuff, although I have much more experience. When I responded by starting to point this out, he threatened to break my other collar bone! He said "You better watch your back when you're going to give an estimate and you go in the back yard, cause I may just be waiting..." I told him I was going to call the police and he hung up. He then left messages on my voice mail cussing and saying "Don't put your signs in my neighborhood and we won't have any problems..." Who does this guy think he is? The mob? I never expected to have this problem but how should I handle this? Make a police report? I'm not going to let him tell me that I can't put my signs in his neighborhood! That's ridiculous. I was putting signs up there years before he ever came along, is the irony of it. Any suggestions?
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    Do what you told him, call the police and report it, just in case this guy is serious about breaking your other collar bone. I would go on with my business.. I try to steer away from violence, But I've been trained to defend myself very well... Hope this helps..

    Lou :cool:
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    If it were me, I would take that personally and put up twice as many signs, lower my price to match his, offer discounts, what ever it took to make it your neighborhood. It is only one neighborhood, and your others could more then cover for the lower earnings form this one. Beat him at his game and out perform him and take his business, he does not deserve it!
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    Why is this guy so uptight about you? Sounds to me like he is afraid of your competition. I would now market that are extra heavy. Heck, Id even try to get his accounts (not for his price,of course).
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    I would tell him that I will be waiting in the back yard for his PUNK A@@!!! That is just me though. I was raised in a ROUGH envoirment, so I am very used to this kinda stuff.
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    Theres no money in this, try to let it go away.

    If you truley feel threatened. Keep as many mssgs from this guy as possible, file a report and a restraining order, let the police know he made "Terroristic Threats". Meaning he threatened your life. Pursue that, you may eliminate your threat and competition.
  7. LawnMowerMan2003,

    In the thread <b>"everybody is low balling"</b> started by bobbygedd, you said,

    <b>"What is this stuff about lowballers causing longterm damage to the residential market? The people who are undercutting obviously do not have the experience that the majority of the professionals do. So, they probably don't do the same quality of work. They probably can't provide the same kind of service. And they certainly haven't proved that they have the business experience to survive very long in the market. So, people may hire them, but not for long. There is a good chance that the customers are going to become disatisfied and decide to pay a little more money. And for those customers that sacrifice quality for a few dollars, do you really want want those kind of customers in the first place? They aren't going to keep you very long anyway, only untill they find a better price. <font color="red">Why should you feel threatened by people who don't even know what they're doing?</font> I think most customers know the difference between a professional lawn service and a bum cutting grass for $16 and most would rather have the dependable, experienced, professional, even if it costs them a litlle more. I don't think lowballers can really hurt the market in the long run, so everyone needs to stop whining. If it is so hard for you to compete and make money maybe you should do something else. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it only makes sense."</b>

    Who's WHINING now? LMAO
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    I view that A@@Hole to be either a backstabber or a rotten no good scub. I do well with my competitors. I let everything go when things get heated. When something like a threat comes, REPORT IT! Get rid of that UNPROFFESSIONAL SCRUB! I sometimes think that's why our industry is sometimes seen as unproffessional.

    Earlier when I said I do well with my competitors, Here's what I mean.
    I advertize and when there's something out of my league, I call this landscaper and ask him for advice. We talk over the job and he comes by to see it. It's like this. We give each other work. We work together on some of these jobs. When my work is slow, He'll ask me to do some work with him.

    Tell me what you think about that!!!
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    Aaannnnnnnnnnnnnnd checkmate!
    Nice catch Bluesteel.

    I suppose the next post will be him trying to put some spin on this now so he doesn't look like a hypocrite!
  10. LawnMowerMan2003

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    When I wrote that post I had no idea that somebody would lend an entirely new meaning to the word "threatened". This guy goes quit a bit beyond lowballing, if you ask me. Obviously, he's having a hard time competing with me, even advertising $10 less, and has had to resort to threats. If you are implying I'm now complaining about lowballing, you missed my point of the original post entirely. Seems like you are kind of defensive about my post about lowballers. Again, physically threatening somebody goes beyond lowballing.

    Yes, I think this guy is defintiely a scrub and couldn't be more unprofessional. I've worked with my competition before; I've looked in the yellow pages and called them offfering to sub contract for them, and I got a few jobs that way. One company just gave me a landscaping job that I ended up making $600 profit on (but I had to split it with a guy who knew more about landscaping that offered to help). They said they didn't have time to do it. I tried to work with this scrub, by doing work that he couldn't get to or couldn't do, and then he tries to take all the credit for "helping me out", even though I was helping him when he was busy, or he would have lost those accounts that got tired of waiting for him. I guess he is a backstabber.

    I think you are right about this unprofessional scrub. If he wasn't so scared of competition he never would have bothered calling me.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll report him and continue to compete with him. I'd be happy to take as many customers away from him as I can.

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