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Need help on what to charge on fertilizer application. I've got about 1.5 acres to fertilize. There are some weeds but mostly like a wild onion type weed to get rid of. Goal is to have a lush green lawn. I don't do much fertilizer applications so I need help on what you all suggest as far as what to put down and how much to charge. It's fairly hilly and will be pushing with push spreader unless I can rent a rider.

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North GA
In GA you do not need to be licensed to spred ferterlizer or ph adjusters. Cat 24 is only required for control or supression of a pest. A pest beying any plant or insect which detracts from the value of the property. What to charge? I don't know what to charge in your market but try around $25 + $3 per 1000 sq ft.

You might want to check with your county extension agent about what the law in your part of the woods is.

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