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    Have 1 1/2 acrea heavy wooded lot in central Fl. Very heavy brush about waist high, never been cleared before. Want to rent equipment to clear brush. Would a walk behind model do it? After I get all brush down, how do I clean all of it up so grounds are fairly clear? Thanks.
  2. Ric

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    Check with your local Equipment Rental company for a walk behind Bush-hog like the Troyer that is advertised on TV. However you may find it cheaper to hire a tractor type bush hog to do the first clearing. Looking at the map I think you are above the pepper tree and palmetto area of Florida.

    I suggest you spray the area with Roundup and a 2-4-D product to keep it down. If this is your own property or hire a pesticide company to do it if it is not your own property.
  3. JRSlawn

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    spray it first and wait a week or two then go threw it with a weed wacker. Or the walk behind unit Round up is the best product out for this type of problem
  4. Kate Butler

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    You're going to want to know whether any of that 'heavy brush' is poison ivy. I come to Palm Beach County every winter for a month or so to clear land for a couple of clients and no matter how careful I am (and I am plenty damn careful), I still come away with poison ivy. I've learned not to head South without a supply of Prednisone in my first aid kit. Particularly if you Roundup more than a week before cutting, be careful - it's less easy to identify if the leaves are dying. A steel-bladed brushcutter works well on scrub up to 2" (more with a ballsy machine), rigid plastic blades work great on anything a half inch or less. An adjustable-height mower will be better if there's a lot of the native grapevine scrambling on the ground.
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    I'm not sure what type of brush you get down in Fl, all of the above are good suggestions. I was watching a couple of guys clear some pretty thick brush the other day, 5 acre lot. They were using hand held brush cutters, looked like a string trimmer power head but had reciprocating round blades that functioned like a hedge trimmer? The were moving at a pretty good speed.

    Kate is defiantly right about Poison Ivy. One of my guys got it pretty bad this summer, don't touch anything you can't scratch in public. ;)

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    Truthfully, I'd use a tractor with a 3pt bush hog, or hire someone else to do it if there is poison ivy in amongst the brush. Would you rather spend $100 more to have somebody else do it over the rental idea, or itch all over for a couple weeks :rolleyes:

    I'd choose the latter :D


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