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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by beachtownlawnservice, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. beachtownlawnservice

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    So this guy asked me for a part time job, said he wanted some extra work and anything could help blah,blah,blah, seemed like a good guy, 31yr old. so i figured i would help him out. i had a light day the next day (10 yards and a mulch job) told him id pick him up at 7:30 am. I show up at his house and he wearing shorts, tennis shoes and a t-shirt on, I say " Hey you might wanna put on some pants, long sleeve shirt, and grab a hat, the sun aint no punk ya know" its 100`degrees here in tx right now. He says "nah,nah,nah im alright i cut grass in this all the time". Ok??? so off to work we go. First few yards hes hustling trying to impress, doing good, im thinking cool were rocking and rolling. next couple of yards hes hugging the water cooler,slowing down starting to get sun beat. get to the 7th yard and hes done! DONE DONE!! slowed way down. Im looking around and hes gone??? I go around the side of the house and hes hugging a tree voimiting. Needless to say i had to take him home, stopping every few blocks so he can puke some more. so i knock out the rest of the yards by myself. I called him that evening to check up on him and tell him i have more work the next day, what time he wanted me to pick him up:laugh:. he didnt answer my call or return my voicemail. so im thinking sh$t i hope i didnt kill him??. Tonight i took the wife and kids for ice cream and on our way home i see him in his truck next to us at the stop light. So i honk and i wave, he acted like he didnt see me??? My wife said "I dont think he wants to cut grass anymore":laugh:
  2. grassman177

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    sounds like every onther guy that thinks they actually want a job! the country is full of total losers
  3. punt66

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    The guy tried untill the point he was vomiting. He was embarrased. I wouldnt call him a total loser. Maybe he isnt cut out for the heat. I am a hard working yankee and i am sure the southern heat would do me in.
  4. nepatsfan

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    Seriously...worked until he puked repeatedly. That guy has a job with me. That is very serious but come on..the guy was trying. Also, you make fun of him but I'm sure he was working much harder than you. He was probably running around with a trimmer not riding on a mower and didnt give up until he puked.
  5. Richard Martin

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    I took my future son-in-law with me this past Thursday because he just got laid off from his job and he was bored. By about the 3rd job of the day he was sweat from head to toe. By the 5th job he was moving slow as could be. That was also my last job of the day. When we got done I asked him how he'd like to do that all day long by himself like I do. He looked at me and said "No way". He couldn't hardly believe that I didn't stack the jobs just because he was with me. BTW, 3 of these jobs were large ones.
  6. fl-landscapes

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    maybe he should have listened when the boss told him to wear some clothes that might protect him from the sun.....did work until he puked....not bad.
  7. AI Inc

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    Screw that, shorts and a tank top for me.
  8. punt66

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    yup, i am with you. No way i would dress in long clothes.
  9. fl-landscapes

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    Punt I am not being rude in anyway but didnt you mention you have cancer? Are you not worried about the sun on your skin every day? Long sleeve shirts and pants for me everyday. Stay cooler that way too.
  10. punt66

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    sun block...........

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