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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tomslawncare1, Nov 20, 2000.

  1. Tomslawncare1

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    I'm buying a new Lazer in the spring. Any suggestions as to which motor or added options? I'd like to go with a 60 inch deck. I'm not sure if I'll go with the Ultra vac or go with a Trac-vac unit. I have a trailer width concern. I have an open trailer that I've self enclosed and my interior width is only 72". I think the Trac vac will not be as wide as the ultra vac. Does anyone use the ultra vac and have to disconnect the discharge shoot before trailering? Is it a pain in the neck or managable?
  2. TLS

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    Hey Tom,

    You have to get the 27hp LC Kawasaki, dont kid yourself, you know you want it!!. I have one and I love it. Also get the Suspension seat. Its costly, but, I was physically unable to use the Lazer with the stock seat. Your back will thank you. This seat is as comfortable as my recliner. Also get the foot deck lift. Keep in mind that the Trac-Vac has a seperate engine (noise) to maintain, and take offs and removals will be more of a hassel. I, personally will go with the Ultra-Vac when it comes out for the 60's and 72's. (anybody know when???)

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  3. Runner

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    Tom's right. If you feel that you really MUST have a vac unit, then go with the Ultra Vac. For the under 5 minutes it takes to hook it up, and really, when you first get to the job, you're better of just cutting it first, THEN vacuuming. Personally, I don't use one, don't see enough need for one as we actually pick up very little leaf dust. (and that's from ALOT of leaves!) I do, however, have a side bagger that I use on a couple of jobs that have narrow medians betwwen the parking lot and the road. This saves that bit of cleanup, and is much more safer. Also, if you DO make a purchase, DEFINITELY go atleast with the deck lift assist. Once you have it, you'll see why. It gets used WAY too much! I couldn't see running one of these machines without one.
  4. Lazer Man

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    I think you are making the right move, the 26efi is a good engine. We have a 2 year old 25hp Kohler and have had no problem with it, we also have a 1 year old 26efi with no problems. The 27LC Kawasaki I think is a quieter motor but you have to be diligant about keeping the radiator cleaned out, we had a John Deere 20hp Kawasaki in it and once it overheated and we started having problems with it. It is a good engine and would not overlook getting one. Now about the grass catchers, we don't use them on our Lazers since we also have a Walker but with a 60 inch deck using the Ultra Vac you'd be dumping alot. Also using a Trac Vac would cut way down on the manuverabilty of the Lazer. We generally don't pick up clippings unless we have to.
  5. toddman35

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    Have you looked at the 2001 60" with the A/C 23 hp kawasaki? they have more torque than the 25hp kohler, I would try to stay away from the kohler engines, but i have heard good things about the 26 efi. Hope this helps.
  6. Runner

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    That's what I ran all this year was 26 EFI and if I was going to buy another mower, that's what it would be. Hands down.
  7. Cutter1

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    TOm the ultra vac adds about 14 inches. I have one for my laser, no cutting needed before you bag it, just run it all over and it bags it up. It packs real tight too. Mine holds 8 bushels and the new ones are going to hold 12. They come out in Jan. so they will be available for spring. It bags grass very well also. Overall I am very happy with my unit, it makes leaves a whole easier. It takes about 1 minute to take the unit off, once you get the hang of it. You don't have to take the whole thing off either, just the vac itself and the tube. I leave the back "hood" on all the time, whether I am bagging or not. Its not in the way, so its less to deal with.
  8. Mike Felices

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    The new Ultra-Vac units for the 60" & 72" Lazer's are coming out in the spring of 2001. I've already checked with my dealer about this.
  9. Lazer

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    The 27hp Kaw LC is the best gas option for the 60".
    (23KAW-AC isn't available on the full-size Lazer)

    The Ultra-Vac is obviously better than Trac-Vac or Bluebird, but it won't fit on a 72" (inside width) trailer.

  10. MJB

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    Tom, I bought the Lazer 60" with the LC 22hp Kaw and love it. I have not had any power problems and I mulch with the kit. The deck lift, and seat are definately worth it.

    One thing to consider is weight. If you go with the Kohler 26hp efi
    you probably will have a lighter machine, than if you go Liquid cooled. I would compare the weight difference if this is an issue for you. Either way you'll love it.

    Personally I like the looks of the Liquid cooled machines much better than the others. Because of the engine cover.
    The radiators are on top do they don't get that dirty.

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