Helpful info on painting a lawn care trailer??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Holland, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Holland

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    Ok so I got a good deal on a tandem 6.5x10 lawn care trailer with 4 foot sides. It needs a new paint job as it has a bit of rust and I want it to look nice. So I want to do a gloss black on trailer and also a hammered dark grey on the rims. I'm gonna put a wire brush and a sander with 80 grit paper to take care of the rust. Any ideas on painting this sucker? Can I use spray cans, brush or rollers? I hate sprayers I make such a mess with them. Any opinions on methods and paint would be great. Thanks.
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  2. Above Par Lawns

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    We used a oil based aluminum paint. It worked really well and looks great. we used a brush. You can't see any brush marks once the paint dries. You have to be careful when painting because you can't go back over an area once it starts drying with this paint or it'll smudge real bad.

  3. sehitchman

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    That is a great idea, my father worked for the power company when I was a kid. That is the stuff they use to paint the steel in sub stations and I remember him saying things like "you could paint in the rain with this stuff". We used it around the farm on most everything. It was durable and required almost zero prep.

    I tend to just rattle can my trailer a couple times a year and it is fine.
  4. Rvldesign

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    I've always spray painted trailers with of course priming first like I said in your other post it's really easy and fairly cheap I have a 6x12 with 2' sides and a mesh box (2x2) on top in the front and it usially takes about 3-5 cans primer and 7-10 cans of paint depending on how you do it and want it to look. But I usually carry a can around and if I notice spots getting rough looking while waiting on the guy who helps me them ill just touch it up hole waiting to finish in a yard.
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  5. ashgrove landscaping

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    Bring it right in spray booth, throw on a respirator and go to town. Trailers take a beating and the paint wears kinda quick so every 3 years or so I give a good once over and people think I got a new one. They love it.
  6. Holland

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    Yeah I'd rather just spray it if the results are still quality. What type spray paint and primer do you recommend?
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  7. Holland

    Holland LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yeah there is a bit of rust but this thing is heavy duty and very thick. I think it's structurally sound. Just want to try to slow down/stop the rust and paint it black gloss.

    Here is pic.
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  8. Groomer

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    porter paint, might be pittsburgh paint in your area, makes a good oil based industrial that works well for trailers.
  9. ztman

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    I used rustoleum professional grade on mine. Used the gallon paint cans on one and rolled with a spong roller. Used cans on the other. Both worked great and held up well. I would go with the cans
  10. Holland

    Holland LawnSite Senior Member
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    Cool guys. All the info is greatly appreciated.
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