Helpful info on painting a lawn care trailer??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Holland, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. SwatDawg15

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    Rustoleum Hammered Black. Apply directly over rust. No primer or sanding needed. It works, and it holds up very well.
  2. Holland

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    Thanks. I like the hammered rustoleum I did flashings on my roof with it.
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  3. CFLS22

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    Just simply wire wheel the entire trailer to get scratches in old paint knocked down but focus on the rust first before your wire gets worn down. Then use your sand paper to smooth any major thing down and prime using a simple spray can. I then used can of black rustoleum and painted it on with those cheap foam brushes because it doesn't leave streaks. Both of my trailers I did this to turned out fantastic and didn't take much effort. Also I used a paint stripper that attaches to a power drill and it worked pretty good, probably better than the wire wheel. I think it was made by 3m
  4. jones68

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    Last time I did mine I took it to a local metal fab place had them sandblast it cost me $100 well worth it. Primed with rustoleum then I used the farm tractor and implement enamel from tractor supply. I put the hardener in it. In was and still am very impressed with the results. I used an hvlp gun for all the primer and paint did it outside had a few bugs in it but nothing you would notice
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