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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rmland, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Hey Guys
    I would love to hear opinions on this:
    I have been treating hemlocks in NC using a Kioritz soil injector. I use Zenith 75 wetable powder at a high rate (1 -1.6 oz. package to 24 oz. water, 1 oz. of solution per inch diameter breast height injected in root zone). I limit treatments to spring and fall. My question is that in a serious drought situation how do you deal with deciding to treat or not to treat? I have been refusing to treat if to dry and no irrigation is in place. I set up, or have clients set up soaker hoses and leave in place so trees can be watered through this dought. I learned this the hard way because I guarantee my work and wonder if you do the same. I look at it this way- if I make the decision to treat in dry soil it is my responsibility that the chemical will be taken up. Thanks for any response
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    I agree with your approach. Treating a tree under stress is simply adding more stress.IMO
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    In this situation I would not use the Kioritz Injection......Too little water carrier IMO.

    In this situation I would use ONE 1.6 oz packet to 24 Gal H2O and apply at 1 Gallon per 1" Dia. within 2 feet of the trunk flair.

    I would "Drench" using only 50-100 PSI at the pump head ( so it dosen't runoff), and add a "wetting agent" AND a "Biostimulant" to the soultion.

    I would do this app every August, and after 2 seasons go to the low rate of 1 packet per 48" Dia.....amount of water should be based on soil conditions IMO.

    Another option is to "Foliar" with the Zenith 1 packet to 300 Gal + Spreader Sticker, and spray to runoff.

    Timing for the Foliar would be early fall, right before nymph stage.......They are EASY to control then also.

    More water :)


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