Hemlock woolly adelgid/Wedgle


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Pinckney, MI
I am only familiar with the wooly adelgid that causes spruce bud gall. We use a spray twice in the spring. Spruce injections are just not effective given the nature of the sapflow. Your case may be different, but have you considered a spray?


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New England
go ahead, use the wedgle injecting merit, very good control
(and the wounding of the tree?? minimal if at all)


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The kioritz injector is an excellent tool,us it with merit in the spring time and it controls wooly adelgid and spruce gall adegid.Works great when you treat for birch leaf miner.

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Thanks for the input. I just finished using the wedgle today, I'm about 85%satisfied with it. The Dia. of tree's were 18" to 24" . and some of the injections leaked a little more than I would of liked, with 130 trees to go I suppose I will get a little better. The Koritz is new to me. How far down does it need to go and what do you do when the ground is hard or rocky. How far out from the trunk do you go.