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  1. bare spot

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    anyone ever prune or trim them in late, late fall or early winter? i'm in zone 5, most likely will wait till spring as have done before but reading bout something earlier, and the book recommendations vs what's done out the field opposite and work, so was wondering anyone trimmed them this late in season. and how'd it go? i did cut back these huge privet hedge's (15 ft high) once in winter, snow was on the ground and cold , not sure what the book said but had no issues from it
  2. phasthound

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    I've pruned many at this time of the year without any problems. Depending on how over grown they are, pruning now may reduce winter damage from snow & ice. Do not prune more than 25% & do not cut back beyond needle growth.
  3. bare spot

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    great point on the winter damage, remembering from what i read, could growth could be stimulated from the pruning etc., not good heading into the colder season. not sure at what temps this must happen, think am past that point. anyway phasthound, thanks, know with things gonna be slowing down soon, know it would be perfect time in that regard.

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