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Henderson Hydroseeders

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by JerseyGreen, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. JerseyGreen

    JerseyGreen LawnSite Member
    Messages: 122

    Anyone on here own or has any used one? Im looking from a small hydroseeder for small job, and I came across this brand, any feed back would be appreciated.
  2. Turboguy

    Turboguy LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,971

    You can learn something new every day on Lawnsite. Having been in the industry for 23 years and being on the board of the hydroseeding association and trading all the industry scuttlebutt with lots of people in the industry I thought I new most every hydroseeder manufacturer in the world but until you posted I had not heard of Henderson.

    I did check out their website and took a look at their units. There are a lot of things I am not fond of in their design. The leg tanks they use would be one of the big concerns. I would never recommend a leg tank for a hydro seeding unit. The other concerns are less serious. They have one agitation jet going in the top. I can't see what they do with it inside but assuming they just have it pointed one way or the other inside the tank once the tank gets partially empty it's not going to mix. My other concerns are more minor.

    There are other companies making units in those sizes that have been doing it for ages and are not all that different in price. The appear to be new. I think they have a few kinks to work out.
  3. JerseyGreen

    JerseyGreen LawnSite Member
    Messages: 122

    thank you for your input
  4. ToddFinlandsExcavitin1984

    ToddFinlandsExcavitin1984 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 3

    Funny I saw this when I was searching for there site looking for hose I noticed you had posted something about a henderson hydroseeder caught my eye. I never been on this forum before,l I saw your question when I typed there name in and this came up.I signed up to help give you some input on the machine. I purchased a 125 Gallon Hydroseeder from Dana In April. It was the best investment I think I have made in some time. I paid $1800 for this machine I dont know what there asking now for them. the one thing I would say is I wish I got the 225 gallon hydroseeder the first time. my machine does a pretty good piece of land but i had to fill it a couple times to get the job done. I think the 225 would be the best bet depends what your going to use it on i guess. I have a small excavating company we use it to patch up work when where finshed tearing stuff up. It came with a briggs and stratton motor works fine first pull everytime, very nice guy, knowledgable about his stuff. They really did a good job thinking up this machine they werent kidding when he said it was easy to move. The wheels make it very easy to move around. If I had something negative about this machine I guess the opening on top could be a little bigger when loading the material . Still very easy to use. well hope I helped you a little bit. If you end going to check one out tell him Todd from Portland sent you. He'll remember my big beard lol We are very happy with our machine!!!! , Todd
  5. ToddFinlandsExcavitin1984

    ToddFinlandsExcavitin1984 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 3

    RE; Turbo guy I can promise you this machine is far Better Then a Turbo Turf. We tried a turbo turf out before traveling to get The Henderson Model. Turbo Turf Was difficult to move There were no handles or wheels. I couldnt imagine having to load that one of those by myself. I wheel my machine to my flat bed and push it on by myself. Turbo turfs agitation was nothing compared to the power and mixing mine did very force full. My opinion I dont see any flaws. I would recomend this machine to anyone with full confidence. The legged tank is the perfect tank for hydroseeding It drains well and it has baffles in the tank that prevent swishing when driving down the road. Round tanks swish so bad. What kind of machine are you running if you dont mind me asking
  6. Turboguy

    Turboguy LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,971

    Todd, I am glad you stopped by and happy to hear that you have been happy with the Henderson unit you bought.

    You asked what size of machine I seed with. I have both a 300 gallon unit and a 500 gallon unit. Sloshing isn't an issue at all. I am most always hauling them totally full or totally empty. There isn't a bit of sloshing. I have on occasion pulled them half full and don't recall if there was sloshing or not. I could see where it would but if it did it was not bad enough for me to pay any attention to. I only use an F-150 to pull my units.

    I can agree that with one 2" jet it would have more power than two 1 1/4" jets. The fewer jets you have the more power you will have but the less even the mixing action. On the small units that would not be all that noticeable and shouldn't be a problem. My comments were based on a quick look at some photos that don't show a lot of detail. My concern was more with the placement of the jets but I can't see what they do with that but based on your comments it sounds like it is fine and that is great.

    The only people I have seen use leg tanks before for a hydroseeder were some home built units. I have helped a few people with suggestions who were building their own units and if they asked about using a leg tank I recommended they didn't. A leg tank is much easier to build a frame for but my concern has always been that material would build up in the legs. It seems like a spot where granular fertilizer and mulch could collect, harden and then split off and go into the suction line causing a clog but you seem to be getting along fine so that is the important thing. Evidently it isn't a problem.

    I did like their frame design. The wheels would be a nice feature on a smaller unit. My 300 gallon unit weights about 800 pounds and I have 200 feet of 1 1/4" hose on the unit that when full of water, mulch and seed probably add another 200 pounds. I am not sure that handles and castor wheels would be much help loading but for a small unit that could be quite handy. I have loaded 100 gallon units by myself without wheels and it is pretty easy. The back is light so I just set that on the tailgate then picked up the front and shoved it in. It isn't hard without wheels but yes, that is a nice feature.

    I believe their price is still the same as what you paid and that is a decent price. Briggs is a good engine and yes, with the smaller leg tanks their are isn't anything they can really do to provide a larger fill opening and they do tend to be small. I am not sure what you are using for mulch but you might try Jet Spray from Profile which is easier to add through a small opening.

    Based on your comments it seems that they have a nice unit and I wish them luck. I may try to email Dana later today and offer some help and suggestions that would let him promote his units for free through the hydroseeding association. Sometimes with a new business letting people know about you can be one of the hardest and most expensive tasks.
  7. ToddFinlandsExcavitin1984

    ToddFinlandsExcavitin1984 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 3

    I think my favorite part of the unit is the frame The tank sits inside the frame and locks it in there. There are 2 2"jet sprayers inside the tank. You should check them out. I really like what I saw when I went there. I have used mine about 5 times My lawns are up and my customers are happy so I guess thats a good thing. For that price I thought it was a great deal the other new hydroseeder was $2999.00 25 gallons more.I think they are Priced fair. How do you like your big units? what brand are they? Glad I found this site can be really helpful. This thing is so powerful I havent seen any clumps or even come close to clogging knock on wood. Have you used a machine in the winter for de icing? what do I have to do to convert it to spray parking lots.Thanks Todd
  8. Deverslawn

    Deverslawn LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    I bought a henderson 325 this summer. Worst investment I have ever made! Dana said 3 days it would be to my door after the purchase. It took him the three days to ship the product and a week and half to get to my door. When the product arrived it did not work properly because it was missing a cap for the pond fill feature. It took Dana two days to get back to me with it not operating correctly. By this time jobs I had promised for hydroseeding were not getting done. The pond fill feature does not work on my unit. After trying to contact henderson hydroseeders via text and phone and not getting a response I realized that they do not stand behind there product. I had to purchase a separate water pump to fill the tank for jobs. Dana said he would send a check for the missing cap and I have not seen that yet. Now to the performance of the machine which is very poor. As I stated it will not suck water from a pond tried 30 different times and it will not. His design with the leg tank and single jet promotes clogging at 1/4 tank every time!!!! The unit is advertised to spray up to 5,500sqft. And if you want your customers happy with results it only does 3,000 sqft. This product is junk. The pump is advertised as a "slurry" pump. Looked it up and it's an irrigation pump from red lion not even rated for a slurry. I don't even use his hydroseeder anymore and he won't even give the time of day to figure out the issues with his own product. Don't be fooled by the affordable price of these units. They're cheaply built and the owner does not stand behind his product. Like they say you get what you pay for. Just giving everyone a heads up so you don't end up like I did with a junk unit and 4k in the hole. And FYI the "pond fill feature" he charges an extra $150.00 for is a 90degree elbow and the feature doesn't work any way.
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  9. john Watkins

    john Watkins LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    Bought Henderson Hydroseeder 325 gallon end April 2016 was suppose to be sent same day I paid for it shipped 4 days later I was suppose to get it delivered on Tuesday had to call shipping company myself and had to pick it up at trucking company on Friday .when I checked the seeder before they load it it was missing one of the hoses was suppose to get 2 50 feet hoses not one was there trucking company noted and sent email to Dana I called Dana on Friday sat and Sunday sent him emails never replied finally on Monday from a different phone Dana answered and told me he was just getting ready to call me.dana apologized about hose and said it was his fault and that he had a truck going out on Tuesday .its been almost 3 weeks no hose no reply from Dana or wife who I called several times and emailed.also used machine for first time and all the fittings leaked and had to be all taken apart and tefloned and put back together.this took about 6 hours replied to Dana again no reply.ihave had 4 Hydroseeder before his and company's I bought them from always warrenteed there product Dana has warranty on seeder but won't call u back or email just ignore u.i should of knew better to trust someone without meeting or seeing machine,Dana just seemed honest.take my advice pay a little more and get good service
  10. LandscapeWisconsin

    LandscapeWisconsin LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    I signed up for this site and want to make this post so that other people don't get taken by the low price of Henderson hydroseeders. I bought a 325 gallon henderson 2nd hand for $2000. It had only been used a couple times and i couldn't believe i could buy a hydroseeder so inexpensively. I thought i could make my money back in just a few jobs with such a low purchase price, it was $1500 less than a new one and it still looked new. I quickly found out that this machine is not a hydroseeder. This is a crudely slapped together plastic tank with an unsuitable pump that i could buy at fleet farm for $400. The fittings leaked even when I got it, the guy i bought it from told me he got it that way and that he figured if he ran more loads through it eventually the mulch and fertilizer would seal the leaks. I would be very upset if i bought a brand new machine and it leaked horribly like this did.
    The Henderson website proclaims the amazing skid design. Honestly it is lackluster at best and something i could make in my own garage. It looks like angle iron crudely welded together and rhino liner from menards to hide the poor welds. I knew this going in, but after seeing how poorly this machine actually operates, the aesthetics upset me. If it worked great, i would not care as much.
    The machine does not mix quickly and it is very hard to load bales of mulch into due to the small lid. I also tried pellet mulch which was easier to load but still always clogged between 1/2 and 1/4 tank.

    My biggest issue was that i had lined up hydroseeding jobs thinking i had a machine that was capable of doing the job, but i didn't. No wonder the guy i bought it from was so happy to take my $2000 and run.

    I just want to warn people about these Henderson products, if you look at previous replies to this post and at the Henderson website, and even the Henderson ebay posts, it seems obvious that the owner is making fake reviews. If you look at the poor vocabulary and spelling used on the Henderson website and ebay postings, it matches the posts in this forum and the feedback on ebay perfectly. If all Henderson hydroseeders perform even twice as good as mine does, they still would not have any positive reviews. It is just a poorly designed home built looking product. I wish i hadn't spent the money on this machine but i was very drawn in by the price. Now i am shopping for something new to try to complete the jobs i have booked.

    Henderson, if you have any response to this, i would be happy to talk via private message. I know i did not buy the product direct from you, but it had only been run a few times when i bought it and it is still your product and has your name on it.

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