Herbicide and surfactant or wetting agent

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    I tested the surfactant (spreader-sticker, wetting agent) Turbo, (non-ionic)made by Bonide.
    I used clover and wild violets for the test. I compared 2,4,6,12, and 18 ml per quart mixed with the herbicide Speedzone, which was mixed at approximately label rate. After each treatment the concentration of surfactant was increased. Naturally the rate could not be exact with a hand sprayer. Sprayed for about a half-second.
    There was no injury to the grass. The temperature varied with highs of 80 to 88 during the three day test.
    I saw almost no difference in control of clover--it was good.
    I saw no difference in control of violets--it was fair.
    6 ml per quart is about .6 percent. 18 ml per qt is about 1.8 percent.
    There was no visible injury to the grass.
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    Hi Riggle,

    I appreciate your tests and follow through on these products. Did you have a control with no surfactant to compare with?:)

    I find wild violets to be possessed by the devil.
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    Nice work riggle. Now go into your Lil cave and figure out how to kill torpedo grass.
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    Pardon me--thinking back--I had a treatment with zero added surfactant. And then I added more and more surfactant to the same bottle of Speedzone herbicide.
    I used a squirt bottle. I applied one squirt, which is about 1/30 of an ounce.
    No torpedo grass around here.
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