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    Here's a real dumb one... Back in July, I had a patch of nutsedge in my otherwise beautiful TTTF / KBG lawn. I was planning on spot spraying with halosulfuron. Well, the top wasn't secure on the tank sprayer and I ended up dumping a good amount on a 3ft by 1ft section. I watered extensively and then waited to see if the grass would recover. It did not. It's now overseeding time and the grass seems to be completely dead (brown and pulls right up easily). I have decided to cultivate the soil, put in some more topsoil and then seed. The question is: Should I remove soil from the affected area down a few inches and replace with new topsoil? Should I add anything other than starter fertilizer?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Do both and you'll be great!
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    Good question. Plant 20 seeds of ryegrass in the affected soil, inside in a coffee cup. You should see sprouts in 5 or 6 days. Use some clean soil for comparison.
    Or as above, replace with new topsoil.

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