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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PFSmarty, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. PFSmarty

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    Ok.....Is there ANY herbicide on the market that will KILL any and ALL weeds/grass that I spray it on???

    I have never had good luck killing weeds. I've used Roundup and a few others, and none seem to last more than a 2-3 weeks. And I mix it way stronger than the instructions suggest. I may be alone here, but I'm not trying to control the weeds, I'm trying to kill the darn things.

    Does anyone know what the UTILITY COMPANIES and the CORP of Engineers use?? Whatever it is, it is good stuff. They can ride by, and spray a ditch, and it FREAKING DIES! Weeds, Grass, Trees.....Everything! And stays that way months & months. What is this they use???????

    If I take the time to spray, I want whatever I spray it on.........To Die!

    Any Ideas?

  2. Think Green

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    I am in Jonesboro, and for an applicator to tell you something to spray on weeds to kill them totally dead is a No-No! This type of herbicide is called a bare-soil herbicide and the effects are severely long term.
    There are plenty herbicides out there to use but they require a license to purchase because they are restricted. The right-of-way and easement companies have licenses to apply these chemicals just as the forrestry commission.
    Now, getting to the topic of what you want to kill is essential.
    If you are wanting to kill along fencerows, around buildings and such, you can purchase chemicals at TSC or Farm Co-ops but here again.........you will need to show I.D. and a license.
    I have been in this business for many years, and I don't sell our services as total weed eradication , because it isn't going to happen. Mother nature will find a way for the weed to return..................."It is called weed control"
    Spraying twice a month on some properties is how it has been for years now. There is only so much we can apply by state and label recommendations without violating our license's. It really isn't worth it to go against the label and the State of Arkansas, in my favor.
    Tell me what it is you are planning to do, and hopefully I or the panel of members can help you (control) your weed issues.
    Tennessee isn't too far off with Arkansas's State Regulations of applying herbicides and insecticieds.

    Have you contacted Lesco there in Memphis yet? As I have been so overruled on this site previously, a person can purchase anything from them without a license anyway!!
    IF you do buy anything from them, please follow their label directly and do not overmix the stuff. What you are wanting comes with a high price and possible lawsuit from possible angry neighbors....

    Good Luck!
  3. PFSmarty

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    Wow.........never knew there was so much regulation on the stuff. But it's wierd that the road and easement folk, can get a license to spray the guard rails and light poles, creek banks and such, but the average guy like me can't spray his fence row, and around his pool where he NEVER wants to see weeds again. Just seems like I would be less risk than the county guys.:confused:

    This helps a lot, and I appreciate your detailed response. What is the strongest stuff I can legally purchase and use, that will almost kill it dead.

    Where's the "Agent Orange" when you need it?

    Mason, TN
  4. phasthound

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    As I've stated before, here's a perfect example of why pesticides should be taken off the shelves for homeowners.
  5. EVM

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    Round Up works fine for me when I use. I can't understand why it does not work for you too. Usually when you spray a ditch the plants that die burn down and create a barrier over the soil, kinda like mulch, thus inhibiting new growth because weed seeds can't get onto the soil. I usually see the state spray once a year. The state times the application right so by the time new growth does form it is almost the end of the growing season.
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  7. kirk1701

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    Starting to see what you mean. First time I read your reply like this I thought you were being a smart ash. Now, being here a while I see your points very well. :)

    The few, the bad, the ones that don't understand make it bad on the rest of the general public.
  8. fergman

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    isnt it called soil sterilizer?
  9. bug-guy

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    do not mix roundup stronger than the label most apps are 2-3 oz per gallon.
    this is why the weeds keep coming back! you are shutting the plant down from uptaking the chemical... kind of sending it into a dormant state and then it just grows back. read the label and follow it to get desired results.
  10. Heidi J.

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    I second that! But I must say.. I do get a good chuckle when I drive by a lawn that is completely yellow and the homeowner has the sprinkler going:laugh: Then I laugh harder because I remember this is the guy that just canceled our service because we didn't know what we were doing;)

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