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Bolivar, MO
Can you fellows tell me if a license is required to use a herbicide, specifically Round-Up. I've had two different people tell me two different things, one that you can, one that you can't. I had assumed since it is a non-restricted product, that it was legal to do so, but now I'm not so sure.

I live in MO, if that makes a difference, as I don't know whether this type of regulation varies from state to state. Also, if no one knows for sure about MO regulations, who, or what agency would I need to contact to find out for sure. Thanks.

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Here you go Neill, the phone numbers and all...


Yes you do need a license to apply any pesticide in the Show Me State. Roundup is a weed killer and the weeds are the pests.

The only thing you can put down is straight fertilizer, like starter fert, or some other straight fert.
You can call them and ask, they are very helpful too.

Where is Bolivar, Missouri???