Herbicide resistance

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by phasthound, Dec 18, 2013.

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    and how misguided policies related to declaring herbicides or classes of chemistry good or bad has contributed to that. A lot of those resistant weeds succumb to the "bad" herbicides that were demonized when the politically correct products came onto the market. Yes, I am talking about "quats", phenoxys, and triazines. In lawn care, I am extremely concerned about how most of the new herbicides that are not taboo are sulfonylureas.
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    My concern is not about labeling herbicides bad or good. Herbicides do their job well, but I think their over use is beginning to bite us in the ass. Too many blanket treatments of the same product year after year whether they are needed or not is not good turf management.
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    This is an interesting topic. We touched on it a bit in this thread:


    My comment was:

    I attended a meeting on herbicide resistance with Bayer researchers and university researchers earlier this week. Resistance is a very important topic in their minds because they work a lot in single-site management conditions. They don't understand lawn care very well.

    For example, there was a large lawn care consumer study conducted by the USDA a couple of years ago (2009, I think). It was BIG -- over 100,000 respondents spread over each US state. It turned out that only 50% of home occupants made any type of application to their lawn at all. Of that amount, 75% were DIY (37.5% of total) and only 25% were DIFM (do it for me) (12.5% of total). Of the DIYers, only about 10% (~4% of total) used any kind of herbicides. The remaining 75% of DIYers (~31% of total) only applied fertilizers. About 10% of those fert apps (~3% of total lawns) made more than one app/yr.

    To cut to the chase, the survey estimated that only about 16% of lawns in the US (about 1 in 6) have any herbicides applied to them at all. The DIYers usually only make one app of herbicide/yr: a PRE labeled as a crabgrass preventer.

    I agree that blanket applications of herbicides when spot treatments would just as well are detrimental. But, when we look at the % of available acreage to which herbicides are applied is much lower for lawns than golf courses.
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    Way more so with the crop production Ag segment. Farming went way away from tillage, cover crops, etc to reduce weed pressure to a full out SPRAY LIKE HELL mentality. If it isn't a corn or bean plant, SPRAY it. See the roundup resistant weeds that are already out there. Farming has just become too corporate for me, instead of a family enterprise and lifestyle it is a money at all costs game.
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    Pentonag has a couple free online courses on herbicide resistance. They qualify as ceu in some states.
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    Thanks neighbor!
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    You are welcome
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    Weed resistance is nothing new. Weeds just like humans and animals (vaccines) will become resistant over time to any product that is over used.

    But I use the words "over used" carefully.

    We over use vaccines, pesticides and many other things because they work great. If there was something better then we wouldnt over use the same products. :)

    Why did we use so much Roundup from 1995-present? Because it was the best product and the only product to get great weed control.

    Guess what? Now it isn't working. BUT...we now have the newer Liberty technology that doesn't have one resistant weed.

    After it is used for 10-15 yrs it may get some resitance but there is already new technology coming on next year for 2-4,D and Dicamba crops.

    We will always have some resistance and their are things we can do to SLOW IT DOWN...but not keep it from happening.

    Best way is to switch chemisty as much as possible and use a letal dose.

    NEWS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With the ag side using more 2-4,D and Dicamba on post spraying crops in the future....you may want to buy up as much 3-Way as you can afford. It is going to become a supply and demand game and lawncare is going to pay a lot more for these AI's.

    We already have all of 2014 bought and part of 2015.

    Putting your money in these products will get you a better return then the stock market :)
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    Agree that 2-4d products will be going up in price, being used heavier in ag now.

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