herbicide rinse results


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I grew bean plants inside to help determine how many times it was necessary to rinse out a sprayer to remove herbicide residue, so it could be used on susceptible plants like beans.

I compared Eliminate, and T-Zone. Enough for 1000 sqft was added to one quart water in pump up hand sprayers. Sprayed beans reacted as expected with curling and puckering of the leaves and bending of the main stem. T-Zone caused a more pronounced reaction. 10 day old grass was sprayed also, but not affected.

I then rinsed the sprayers with water,(spraying a few seconds of air to clear the nozzle), applying the rinse water to bean plants after 1 and 3 rinses, this time including Quicksilver.
Only the Quicksilver rinsed-once caused damage to the bean plants.

Sorry; nothing earthshaking here.
Sorry photo is blurry due to poor light.

I hope to repeat the test with 2 gal hand sprayers and a back pack.

I no longer have a skid sprayer to experiment with.


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Most labels recommned a triple rinse procedure and I follow it. I only use 2 and 3 gallon sprayers and try to keep them dedicated to at least same classes of products.
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