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Herbicide Shelf Life


LawnSite Silver Member
Garner, NC
Someone posted in another forum about seed shelf life. What about herbicides?

I have some fertilizer with pre-emergent from last year (Barricade, Dimension, Pendimethalin). It's been kept in my storage shed and stays dry.

I also have a container of 3-Way concentrate over a year old but still in its original container. This stuff is too expensive to take to a "Pesticide Disposal Site". :)


LawnSite Bronze Member
It should still be good, as long as you keep the granular fert dry and don't let the herbicide's freeze they will be good for a few years.


LawnSite Senior Member
Even if you have some doubts of the efficacy of a "left over" product, disposing of it leaves few options. The best method is to simply apply the product(s) at label rates for the target pest. Allowing the state to pickup the product is another, albeit expensive option.