herbicide to use on 10 acres?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by meets1, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Good points, greendoctor. I will say I am not properly set up for this in terms of AI nozzles. I expected to hear about your truck mounted boom in this thread. That is a great story from what I remember of it a few years ago. And, yes, I meant the vaporization and moving of ester products moreso than drift. We have been warned that these things can show up 5 miles away. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars in crops between all my sites and five miles a way!
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    If you do not want esters to vaporize, they should not be applied on hot, windless days. I learned that many years ago applying a mix of ester and RoundUp to wipe out an area next to a row of trees. 90 degrees that day, no wind, and humid. I should have been in the pool or at the beach instead of spraying. The only reason it is safe for me to apply esters is a constant 5-15 MPH wind. However, spray nozzles that do not apply a directed spray are no good. AI tips means you can apply in that type of wind without the spray mist going off target. Metsulfuron flying miles down wind is just as bad, if not worse than 2,4-D. I usually use metsulfuron on grazed areas because of how it controls broadleaves for a long time. 2.4-D, triclopyr, or even dicamba do not really last.

    My truck mounted boom is normally used on flat grass areas that are too big to walk. It is fitted with AI nozzles spaced at 20". I am normally 16" above the ground. Output is controlled via a Teejet rate controller and GPS guidance system. No foam drops on the ground or blue dye. I rather not call attention to a treatment. On rough areas, I spot treat on foot, but even that hand piece has an air inducted tip.
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    Heavy industrial site. No crops. Just a interstate about 1/4 mile away. Speaking with them again today on options they want the weeds knocked down - maybe 2-3 acres worth that is nasty. Out in the open seed is coming nicely with a few areas of weeds but nothinig like were seeing up close to there back storage building or the back equipment parkiing lot.

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