Herbicides on new grass

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RigglePLC, Apr 14, 2012.

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    I tested the effects Dimension 23-0-8 with .13 percent Dimension (dithiopyr) on newly sprouted grass.
    I used newly sprouted grass left over from seed soaking tests. I used two pots of Scotts "High Traffic" seed (left). and two pots of Scotts "Classic" seed (right).

    I added 4 particles or 8 particles of the fertilizer/crabgrass control blend.

    This corresponds to an estimated 4 or 8 pounds of the fertilizer crab product per 1000 sqft.

    Grass was planted inside on March 17. Fert/crabgrass product added March 31, Photo taken April 14, 2012.

    It appears that the crabgrass treatment did not harm the new grass, even though it was only about 2 inches tall at the time of treatment.

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    I wouldn't imagine it should hurt germinated grass. As a post emergent product it should supress the "seed". I have used Dimension for a number of years on all stands of grass and have found no issues with it.

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