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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mow It All Landscaping, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Mow It All Landscaping

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    I see alot of guys posting there flyers up here.....These are mine. I left that blank spot so they know the price first off. Most of my work is word of mouth but ill but these in the neighboring houses of the houses I do. There postcard size and the same stock paper. I had 2500 made for $150. Last year I put about 300 out and got 75 customers doesnt seem like alot but i was happy with that, so it was well worth the money.


  2. echeandia

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    Seventy five customers from 300 brochures is an incredible conversion rate. Were you doing the work for free?
  3. Mow It All Landscaping

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    There is a neighbor hood that i do ALOT of work in.....nobody wants to do work in this area. there a VERY VERY tight community so they got the flyer and asked a friend, then that person recomended me. there all Hasitic Jewish...they own the town, there on the town planning board, the police, in the mayor's office, and anything that happens in the town goes thru them....So they reley on each other when it comes to anything. 75 was a HUGE number for me, and only a half dozen were problems. and to anwser your question....I dont do it for free I do it cheap. There crap lawns that just need to be cut, nothing fancy just cut, dull blades, missed weedwacking, bad lines, they dont care nor complain so its all quick n and outs with 4, 5 , 6 houses in a row. thats my monday, Tuesday and Wed work, thursday and Friday is my nice houses that take time and have to be perfect

    I should clarify.....300 flyers, 75 customers---IT was more like 40-50 fromt he flyers, then those 40-50 would tell there family or friends ect ect...they like a good price and thats how I did it. But its only because of that area. LUCK
  4. Carolina Cuts

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    geeez.... that's 25% return...
    I thought I had a good response of 3% for every 100
  5. Oyster Point

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    Like the chick on the bike
  6. Mow It All Landscaping

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    Look close, youll change your mind!! LOL She was the model at the last bike show I was entered in...Nice body BAD face..

  7. Mow2nd-2

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    how long did you put out your flyer? how long of a time between when put out the flyers till you started to get returns?
  8. Mow It All Landscaping

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    I put them around as I did my normal route one week, I would say it took a full week to get 10, then after that they came in a few each day.....probally about 5 weeks for them all to be there. Im going to sprad 1000 in the next 2 weeks....Hope i get that kind of turn around again!!!!
  9. shamus78

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    I live like ten minutes from lakewood and they are cheap better you than me i wont go near a lawn unless its cut every week 32 weeks a year and he is right they are a close knit hood keep up the work you wont catch me in that neck of fakehood
  10. Mow It All Landscaping

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    O Shamus, you dont know what your missing. Thats the reason I got so many accounts Nobody wants to work in lakewood.... I bought the buisness 2 years ago from a guy....he had told me that 50 of his accounts were from "LAKEWOOD" I almost **** my pants but he assured me there good. I will say they pay me on time each month and never complain. The houes I do in Jackson, Brick, Howell are the worst with paying, i have to cut them off before they will pay most of the time and so just dont pay at all. They all complain one time or another.....Im telling you Lakewood is the way to go

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