Here comes the mother of all backpack blowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GroundKprs, Nov 12, 2001.

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    There is a special blower under design, code name M-I-L. It is a joint effort of Echo, Stihl, Shindiawa, Redmax, and other blower manufacturers. When first marketed, it will be available to commercial operators, but once production is ramped up, the real market will be every husband in the world. This baby is supposed to be so powerful, when you get tired of your mother-in-law's visit, you can grab your M-I-L and blow her out the door into the next county.

    Really, has anyone been to an outdoor trade event in the last couple of years and seen the idiocy of the blower mfrs? Who uses their blower to blow carts up a ramp, or blow balls up a tube?

    They seem to think that power is the only function of a backpack blower, and the most powerful is the best. Maybe they should send their designers to work on a landscape crew for a month, so they can create something functional.

    For example, the newest blowers only have straight tubes. How many of us want to blast something into the ground with a backpack blower? With a curved end, and usually also an extra tube section or two (depending on your height), you can blow parallel to the ground, sweeping lawns and pavements more efficiently than with a downward blast. It is also easier to direct the debris when blowing parallel to the ground, instead of pointing downward and having it go in all directions. But of course if they put curved ends on these beasts, they would soon be getting sued for shoulder damages, from the terrific torque one would have to fight with one arm.

    So the great quest for power has reduced the functionality of the machines.
  2. My equipment includes zero packback blowers for I already have enough monkeys on my back already.

    I just have 4 echo mfg. hand blowers (1 is for parts) with one set up with the shread n vac. I don't use the bag with the vac for I just shoot the bits of leaves onto the turf then a double bladed monster does the rest.

    BTW the outlet is parallel to the ground.
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    What model of the echos do you use? i got a par of pb-2100. they are pretty kick azz!
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    Had to see if anyone ever run the BR400 . I`ve ran one for three fullbore commercial years. However.....this summer I cranked on the starter ,only to have the ole bruin almost dislocate my wrist. As it seemed to fire it also seemed to lock up. Infuriated ,I guess you don`t know what you got till it`s gone. I finally gave up trying to fix it and dropped it off at a Stihl dealer. The lady at the desk called the following day with bad news....the cylinder ,or ring was broke ,she said and it`l be 294.00 to fix including labor . I went over and picked it up payed the 16.00 bill for the new starter rope, and dropped it off at a bigger Stihl dealer (where I`d bought it and they called the two days later and said its ready.The bill was 30.00 bucks and she told me they found mud dauber nest in the exhaust port.That was all that was wrong with it.
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    what are the cfm's o this monster?
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    I'm with you. Its funny beacuse I was just thinking of this the other day while blowing a ton of leafs in a small fenced backyard. My EB630 has a ton of power and air movement but it was a pain in the a$$ to get the stuff to make a right turn off the fence. It would be nice if there was a way to direct air movement to the left or right when you need to. My old Husky blower does have a slight curve to the terminal end but not quite the cfm's as the Shin.

    It would be nice if they also researched the fire service air packs and came up with a better support system for the frames.

    Wanna start a company??;)
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    As for the curved tube at the end problem...
    I e-mailed ECHO a while back with the same question. They said that with the PB-650's power, when they put a curved tip on it, it forced the whole tube assembly rearward and back. I believe it, as it is hard enough controlling the tubes when their straight, let alone one that will steer the air and thrust the tube back towards you. I am happy as heck with it the way it is, so I really forgot about it. I would still like to try, but my old tubes are too small to adapt the old bent tip. Maybe they should offer it as an add-on and let us decide?
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    In the mid-80s I made an adaptation to a backpack blower to make tube control a two-handed function. And I have showed this idea to various reps at trade shows for the last 10 years, but I guess they don't think it is worthwhile. In the early 80s, backpacks came with curved end tubes, but you had to grip around the tube to control it. I could not work more than 15 minutes without my hands going numb - I have had CTS for 35 years. But I have learned to adapt all types of tools to use my hands in a neutral position, so the wrists are not stressed.

    Stihl did come out with the tube mounted handle (which others quickly copied) in the later 80s, allowing your right hand to be used for control with the wrist in a neutral position, but your left hand is still useless. Manufacturers just ignore that fact, and they seem to forget that there are a lot of left-handed people in the world.

    I finally got a digital camera a over a month ago, and it's still in the box. I'll try to get it (me) working this weekend. If I do, I will post a picture of a truly functional backpack blower on this thread.
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    Hows about a flapper in the end of the tube. Directional control via cable operated butterfly. Spring loaded it would return to the neutral position when not being used.

    Dang I should keep my mouth/fingers shut.
  10. GroundKprs

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    Here is the two-handed backpack blower tube control. Sorry for crummy pic, didn't have time to read camera manual completely.


    The pivot point of the left hand handle is so much lower on the tube that stress on hand is greatly reduced. Also left hand is is completely neutral position. Right hand only has to be used to rotate tube, or control throttle if not using it at a fixed setting.

    two-handed blower1.jpg

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