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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by barringtonbrothers, Jul 7, 2004.

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    My neighbor's son owns a lawn company too. Well I was talking to him today and he was telling me about his sons new ex-employe/felon. He tells me the employee went around to about 20 accounts and conned them into paying in advanced. I already knew where the money went but I asked any way, I said - he spend it all on drugs. Yep about $1500 in 36 hours all on drugs. They caught him and the cops have him in jail, but due to the liberal idiots in the courts Im sure soon he will be back stealing to support his habit - but its not his fault. This is one of the major reasons I stay with just me and my brother when he is out of school, mostly. I just dont effing trust people, I dont care what race or sex they are there all potential dirt bags. I have some family work for me, and at least I know which ones are dirt bags already.
    On a side note.
    I work in a pharmacy on the side. After working there now for about 4 years I have come to one conclusion. America is the land of drug addicts. People talk about illegal drugs being shipped into are country and distributed, but they never realize the amount of legal drugs being abused by people who gain them legally. It is really scarry, and your tax dollars pay for alot of it. Here how it works. Ms public aid goes to a emergancy room since they dont have to see a regular dr like you and me, no no she is ENTITLED to go there any time she wants. She says dr I have a sore throat. Dr - hmmm well you might have the start of a sinus infection, Im going to give you a script for antibiotics and ibuprofen. Ms public aid - oh no ibuprofen doesnt work for me, can I get some vicodin or darvocet - (class 3 narcotics for a sore throat (class 2 is durgs like morphine - class 1 are illegal). The dr then gives her what she wants. She brings it to the pharmacy and says I dont want the antibiotic I just want the pain killers and I heres my public aid card. Ah how nice. I could write a dozen more examples of how they get the drugs, but I think the worst are when the dr know they are abusing them and keep supplying them. I could go on and talk about the fact urgent care dr are putting kids on Class 2 narcotics ( same class as morphine) such as ritalin or concerta because a 5 year old is hyper and the parent is lazy and does not want to bother with such things as discipline, or is a public aider and for each kid she gets on ritalin she gets around $500 dollars a month extra from you and me.
    But I think I have typed enough. This rampant drug abuse and use really makes me scared when I think about our country 20 years from now. We have enough problems with illegal drugs, but now we have to contend with legal drug abuse due to - dirt bag people, dirt bag drs, dirt bag drug companies, and dirt bag professors who promote this garbage. Well I can read the future and I see my chunk of income getting smaller and smaller due to the entitlement programs that support these habits, oh well nothing like socialism to rot a country.
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    what a nice employee to get the payment in advance for the on stamps for the billing I guess (rolling eyes)
  3. barringtonbrothers

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    If I ever hire some one I dont know, I will explain to my customers that we always send a bill and get payed thru the mail. So no one should ever ask you to pay in person, except me. If some one ever does, dont give them a cent untill you talk to me.
  4. tiedeman

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    yup, when I had employees I had them sign a rule and guideline book and one of the guidelines was that they were not to accept any type of payment from the customer. That payment had to mailed in.
  5. Liberty Lawncare

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    That employee needs to be fired.

    With gass and a match!

  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    ssooo these customers gave $$ to a perfect stranger ..... I mean to a degree he is a stranger .... unless he has been working for years n built up conversations with these people to even come to the point of walking up to a door ..... ring the bell n say pay up ... must of been in a company truck .... had company invoices printed up n such with their names n the true amount due .... not even my foreman knows what I charge my customers

    I have NEVER had a customer give me $$ for monthly billing .... always a check ..... I've had em give $$ for side work

    but I know people can be very guliable n are taken evey day .... it's sad to know that these customer actually have driver licences n operate cars
  7. locutus

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    It's absolute hell living in the decline of a nation. If you believe the Bible when it says " the living shall envy the dead" then you know what I mean. I would have rather lived in the twenties or thirties, when you could go to bed with your door unlocked or walk to the corner store without fear of being assaulted by some homeless P.O.S. Yes, I do envy those that have preceded us. Their lives were much simpler and honest.
  8. bobbygedd

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    those customers should pay the owner of the lawn company the money they owe him. THEY GOT SCAMMED, not him. how stupid. my customers would never give my guys a payment. as far as medical aid, i am all for it. if you discontinue it, alot of deserving people won't get the care they need.
  9. locutus

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    The problem is most of this so-called aid is that it is being abused by those that dont need it. I dont think we should " throw the baby out with the bathwater", but we could do a lot more to combat this type of fraud. I personally am sick of having to suppot myself and family as well as two or three other crap sacks that dont want to work via oppressive taxation.
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    Barrington, you summed up my feelings exactly. My wife's aunt is married to a ex-con, who is ( thank fully) locked up in the Sherrif's Hotel on parole violations and this.... Stealing checks from my mother in law, to buy drugs, stealing from realtors that my Father in law works for, to buy drugs, and even stealing a lady he cut grass for's Riding mower, all to buy crack.. The funny part is my wife's stupid aunt met this turd while she was in rehab for ... you guessed it: writing fake scrips for pain killers... (she's an Lvn, works at nursing homes). Wellfare needs to go NOW.

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