here is a good one/round-up by mistake .sort of

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by anthony, Apr 7, 2002.

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    i never just get a lawn that needs just fertilization. it is always the ones that have problems.

    got a call thursday and the guy said that his lawn care guy was going to seed him this spring. he was going to kill the weeds ans seed .
    well the client was under the impression thay he was going to kill the broadleaf weeds and seed...

    the l/c/ company sprayed round-up and the client went through the roof... (i think mis-communcation).

    pulled up and greeted the client and he said that it rained that evening and he feels that the round up may have been washed off .(ya right it never washes off for me)
    i can start to see some kill. and he needed it seeded.

    IN N.J. WE ARE IN A DROUGHT EMERGENCY. AND WATERING ONLY AFTER APPLICATIONS (2 days)and new sod/seed of new construction....

    my plans are to AEROVATE the front and sides ans seed it...

    it was sodded 8 years ago and it was up for sale and empty from march 2001 to feb 2002 and no water last yr. just mowing....

    i am looking foward to do this job ...will take pictures before and after...
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    pictures of the lawn before the seed.
  3. ant

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    before the seeding job
  4. ant

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    cant post the picture . i says that picture is to large..
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    I would give roundup at least a week to get into the plants. Also respray any missed areas

    A high phosphorus starter fert. would probably help.

    Good Luck.

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