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    I'm almost 40 starting into my fifth season in lawn and landscape. my fourth winter in snow. We maintain about 60 properties, From a big factory to commercial offices/business, couple of cemetaries and residential. also a retirement complex and 40 unit condo. Our first year we had only 12 accounts by the end of the year,but had work everyday. We did cleanups, small sod jobs,pruning and trimming, a couple of hardscapes (small patios walls and walkways) also a few fences. Snow consisted of 25 driveways, I picked up from a local excavating company. They were tired of fixing up sod in spring. Also picked up some sidewalks from a retirement home and 2 businesses. Did this with a commercial snow blower and shovels. Second year 35 accounts, weed and feed programs less hardscaping. Winter the same. First 2 winters hardly any snow pretty tight, but seemed to get a bit of work just before the wolves came knocking. Third year bought second walk behind. Up to 50 accounts. Started sodding for a few builders in fall of second year. Bought a small tank sprayer, fert and squirt on some of our accounts and 35 homes. Very dry year (and most of what I do is per cut) Sodding really took off 20,000 rolls,lots of trimming and pruning. Bought a walker used, with 2 decks and dethatcher.Winter picked up a condo complex for sidewalks, somemore business sidewalks as well, lost a few driveways (which was good) . Fourth year picked up two big factories and a condo complex. 10,000 rolls sod more fert and squirt. It was a very wet year. This winter we have two complexes,six businesses for sidewallks and 18 driveways. Winter work is all less than 5 minutes from my house and I think pays well if you don't mind cold feet, fresh air and working in the dark. We are usually out for 10 hours per event. We go out after 2 inches and overhead is low,and not to much stress. This year we won't be spraying as it has been banned, little sodding as building is very slow. I'm good with this as I want to focus on maintenance, I do not for see to many cancellations with maintenance. Sixty accounts is plenty. If it is dry we don't go more than every other week without cutting. Also we seem to do a lot of pruning and trimming. I really enjoy this site and have learned a lot. I'm really impressed with all the young fellas on here that have a business going I think it is very commendable. This business has served me well and God has blessed me and for that I am very thankful. As is my wife, my four kids and my bank that holds my mortgage. (hope that was not to boring)

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    Welcome to Lawnsite!
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    Welcome to lawnsite, Is it just you or do you have a helper?
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    One full time helper/ coworker. Four others as well this past summer. Too many ,not as fun. Hopefully this year my full time guy and 2 high school students They are all great guy's

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