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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alwaysgrenerlawn, Feb 25, 2005.

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    How in the world can any LCO compete with a low balling? I live in Rockford, IL and I just received some calls from clients and said can you beat this price of $330.00 for the year. So I asked what is included in the price, Here goes 28 weeks of mowing, 5 step fertilizer program, Bed cultivating, Edging of all plant and tree beds. Any size yard. I can’t touch that my mowing alone is 400.00 for these properties. I had to deal with this LCO last year and it was not pretty. Its company’s like this that gives all of us a bad name. Well thanks for taking the time to read this I’m just venting.
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  3. alwaysgrenerlawn

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    Well he is in his late twentys and he is trying to prove a point,(not sure what it is ?) I just got a call from a local landscaper (good friend of mine) he is now getting calls from his clients about this low price that is being offered. Just to let you know my customers are staying with me just for the reason they are too low in the price. Just another crazy day. :)
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    So you have at least $400 in mowing alone??

    $400/28=$14.28 per visit.

    The previous guy that you took the account from probably posted the same thing a year ago.

    No offense, just looking at the info and argument you presented.
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    I should let you know our full property maintenance program is running from $600.00 to 1,800 for residential, commercial is more. We never take a mow and go I did that in high school. What I’m upset is you have low bidders that will work for free and that hurt all of us. :realmad:
  6. ChadA

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    He won't last long. I wouldn't worry to much.
  7. Tom Musselman

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    Like I said, no offense intended, still just looking at the numbers and info presented.

    You said full property maintenance program. I assume from your original post that includes, 5 step apps. program, edging beds, and bed cultivating (??). Since you were describing what the lowballer did and charged I would assume your full service program includes additional services (potentially more time and more services being absorbed into what might be low numbers).

    So $600 for I am assuming one of your small properties, thats still $21 per visit @ 28 visits if we were just talking mowing... and we aren't. How much of the $600 is accounted for in services other than mowing. Sounds way too low to me and probably close to that $14.28/visit number.

    How about the $1800. At face value it appears to be significantly more than the $600, however, when divide by 28 visits its only $65. I assume this a representative large account with maximum maintained area. I don't know what kind of square footage we are talking about but for mowing alone (I assume you mean trimming and blowing also), minus all other services, this should not buy too much acreage or contracted landscape management service(s)in any market.

    Again, just observations. I think you might be part of the problem to the issue you are bringing into question. I have absolutely nothing to lose from my observations and/or statements, but you do...Money. I will say this, I am sincere when I say I have no malicious intentions. Good luck to you.
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    Sounds like both of you guys are DIRT CHEAP :rolleyes:
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    Wow dueling lowballers!! You guys aren't Exxon and Shell you better knock off the price war and charge real prices. If I were in Rockford Ill. I would subcontract to you and sit home.

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    Yup that is what I thought sub contracting time.

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