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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by NewToThis, Jan 31, 2005.

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    I have about 2 ac of yard to mow with several trees. I had been mowing with a 46" Yard Machine (MTD) with a 20.5 horse Briggs. I used this machine for about six years and pretty much wore it out. I decided last fall to purchase a ZTR of some sort before hitting the 2005 season. I wanted to buy something that I felt was over kill. I looked at many units before I made a decision. I finally decided on a Toro. I hope I made a good decision, I suppose we will see next mowing season. I purchased a Toro with a 60" cut 23 Horse kohler. To me this machine seemed to be built very strong and sturdy. It also seems to be simple compared to some of the other brands. I just hope I made a good decision at 7300.00. You professionals should be able to tell me if a Toro is a good machine.
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    Toro is a good brand. I don't know if you achieved your goal of overkill though. 23hp on a 60" isn't overkill. If you don't mulch 23hp will do the job fine.

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