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    Have you ever had a customer dictate the price to you......which was higher then the price you quoted him just because he liked your work? I've had one customer for 4 years now and every year I come, say ok, here is the price.....Then he says no Jeff, I'll pay you this. Which is always $5 more.
  2. hole in one lco

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    Yes it happens but i tell them i now what it cost me to operate. So my price is as stated but if you like to put that extra money aside for a chrismas bonus. I wont be offended 2 customer gave me 500.0 savings bonds for christmas
  3. Mico Landscaping design

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    ya we get that alot on the side though.... Do good work .. customer will always hook ya up with more $$$~ :cool2:
  4. jim dailey

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    A few years ago I was across town, doing up the brother-in-law's lawn. I was using a stander and the stripes were looking real good. Here she comes, dragging 5 kids with her. She lived in the neighborhood, and had just fired her LCO. She fell in love with the stripes and wanted her yard to look the same. I stopped over when I finished the lawn and gave her a price. She yelled at me that the price was too low. SHE DOUBLED IT. And at the start of each year since...she insists on raising the price $ 5.00 more, wether I like it or not. She is probably the most pleasant personality of all of my 71 customers. If I was only 20 years younger...maybe...
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    My folks had a Lawn care business in Fla. One of their customers had a $million home in a hood were $250K was the norm... it was his winter home, every month $100 extra added to the check, and every Christmas they got this Huge gift basket, it weighed in at 30-40lbs. He came from detriot so we though he may have had "family" ties. As it turned out he invented some machine that crushes cars and did a better job of separating out the various metals and plastics for recycling...

    Nice guy, and he was always happy with the work. He never announced when he was coming to visit or when family for drop by, and he knew that it was in good hands. The previous LCO would wait until the week before he was coming down (one of those freind of a freind deals) so he knew, but the place never looked great, and once when he stopped in with out warning and the grass was 12" tall, 3' wingers on the illiagnus and dead palm fronds hanging did he finally know the score.

    I was never that lucky....a few christmas bonuses, thats it...
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    Marc, are you a Gator fan? I went to FSU, so I saw your Gator head and thought "Wow...they finally beat us last November and NOW they come out of the woodwork!"

    What's even eerier is that our names are the same, but spelled differently. Now all we need is a Hurricane fan in the business around here named Marc or Mark.
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    Gator class of 95.......I guess as long as we beat South Carolina(spurier) this year we'll be ok.

    Where in Va are you....I work in DC, but I live in Reston....We'll have to have a brew at some time. I'm not that much of die hard that I can't party with the opposition...

    mmmmmmmm Beer

    About the names......At least I spelled mine Right :p
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    BTW the hurricane fan would not be Marc or Mark, but Marcy :)
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    Seminole class of '91, but I was 33 when I graduated. Yeah, I hope Zook does well there.

    I live in Fairfax. By the way, a bunch of northern VA guys get together once a month for lunch. Care to join us?

    Mark is the right spelling, as you well know!
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    I have given a price, and they offer $5 more. Then one time I gave this guy a bid to do his leaves for $65 and then he gave me $100 after we got through. That was nice. :cool2:

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