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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cklands, Sep 15, 2003.

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    If you can't do the job right or it's to big don't take it. I got a phone call last week from a condo unit who is looking to replace their current landscaper. The woman said "we got what we paid for and he has to go now" This place didn't look like it had been mowed in a month. I don't even think that the guy had a line trimmer. Why do people take on work that they can not handle!!! Now these people have a bad taste in their mouth.
    Went and looked at a plow bid today...started asking about the landscaping and guess what...same story. She says they are looking for a new landscaper for next season. Same story, grass a foot tall and nothing trimmed. Drives me NUTS!!!
    Sorry just had to vent. :angry:
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    Why gettin upset?
    I usually get happy when people realize that a profesional and dependable company cost more.

    It's amazing how many new accounts I had gotten this year due to the excesive rain and companies not being able to perform, (well not really companies, just part timers).

    Don't get me wrong tough, I have respect for all the people that does this as second income, but most of the times they won't be able to perform the same as a full time company.

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