Here's how you make $ blowing leaves!

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    I have spent many hundreds of hours over the years trying to perfect our fall clean up system and I believe that we are now there. Please keep in mind that our properties are generally smaller and have a good amount of leaves so mower- vacs would not be as effective except as a finishing touch. We are geared up to move lots of leaves very fast. The first photo is of our new Hurricane X3. This is what we needed to complete the line up. What a machine! It is beautifully designed and is really rugged. We got our first self- propelled blower back around '93 by Salsco but, after it got trashed by a worker I never found a blower that I liked. After some serious investigation 2 years ago I decided that this is what I wanted so I convinced my equipment dealer to get them and now I'm the proud owner of one. The X3 blows out all 3 sides (which is very handy) and is just so much fun to operate. It even has lights and we've needed them on several occasions already.
    Next is one of our two leaf pushers that I had made in '93 and '95. These are very important to us and have earned us tens of thousands of $ over the years. I built them tough and although they have been beaten up some minor repairs got us back in action quickly. They are constructed of steel tubing, are raised and lowered with a winch, the two wings fold in when loading and unloading and we have two headlights for night operation. The advantages that our pushers have over the likes of JRCO is increased durability, higher ground clearance for the drive unit and increased capacity.
    The next photo shows the inside of one of our trucks- organized for efficiency and speed. We have everything that we need on board while still having space to move about.
    Lastly, is the equipment line up. We sold 3 of our Fradan push blowers this year to concentrate on the X3. They have served us well over the years and I highly recommend them but, the Hurricane is the future. This set up makes blowing leaves fun because we barely touch a rake or tarp and we are not worn out from pushing a 13 hp blower around. Three of us can clear up to 10 properties a day and still have plenty of energy.

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    Oops sorry, for some reason only one pic came out so here are the rest

    ME BIG BLOW 800X800.JPG

    PACO BB 1 800X800.JPG

    ME PUSH 2  800X800.JPG

    ME PUSH 4 800X800.JPG

    INSIDE TRUCK  2 800X800.JPG
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    Thanks for sharing pics. I really like the pusher you made with the Wright Stander. I think I'll make one this winter for my Great Dane.
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    But all the leaves are still in the trees! That's how you do it right there boy! :)
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    Get the new 8500 redmax you wont even use your small ground blower any more thats how much power they have
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    What do you do with the leaves after you pile them up?
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    Awesome setup. How much did that x3 run you?
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    x2 on how much...very curious
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    That's pretty sweet. I like the leaf plow.
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