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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CCC52, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. CCC52

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    Sorry if it's been covered but...

    Do YOU respond to neighborhood fliers? I've passed them out for pay, I've passed them out to generate cash for myself.

    ME? I toss 'em.

  2. Carolina Cuts

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    I cant' stand fliers... but in honor and respect of the distributor, I will give each and every flier a once over, a quick critique (to myself) as to what "I" would change... I evaluate the biz name, the slogan, the logo, the colors, the wording...the fonts.... and then and ONLY THEN, will it find it's way to my trash.

    Of course, I'm not looking for anything, and I'm a 'handy' person.... I do most of my own upgrades and chores around the house.... painting, yard work, powerwashing, plumbing, electrical, etc...
  3. unkownfl

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    It all depends on the mood of the person. I have friends that own delivery restaurants that only use this as there source of advertisement, and they make about a 10% order return. Mean that is they pass out 100 10 people would call and place a order. No way is that possible with lawn care it is almost pointless.
  4. Lawnut101

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    Wow, that's a pretty good way of advertising.
  5. unkownfl

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    Yes it is but for the most part they are very good deals. Like 16inch pizza 20 wings and a 2l for like 16.99. But with landscaping you could see about .05 percent return maybe less if you have never been seen or heard of before. So for our type of business I would doubt it.
  6. IntegrityGuy

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    I passed out 1250 flyer this year. got a little over 20 responds. I have a garunteed 10 new clients, 5 of them went with low ballers, others are still deciding. Id say it was well worth it. Not much of % a return though. I spend 150$ bucks on flyers and will make soooooooooo much more. All in all flyers aree great.
  7. unkownfl

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    1250 fliers for 150 is a lot I pay about .03 for mine, but I am looking to make money so I buy 25,000 at a time lol.
  8. grasschopperofchicago

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    Works for me!---but I distribute on a target plan versus just hit or miss...I target areas or neighbors of those I already do, so my flier is directed at that and get about a 20-30% response depending on the neighborhood, but an average of 25%...Marketing with no plan is wasteful, marketing with direction and purpose is not!-
    I don't walk into a neighborhood and say.."well gosh this looks like a good place to put out fliers!"...I target my customers neighbors!--
    I have a different approach than most of you I am sure...
    I get the names of the neighbors 3 to the right and 3 to the left of my customers home, and then I get the 4-6 across the street...I use Haines directory to get their name...I then mail them a flier/postcard/ arrive 2 days prior to me cutting their neighbors my name is fresh in their minds...I then have my rather large printed graphic wrapped trailer sitting on their street in 2 days..guess what...they see me again!---then I leave a lawn sign, with permission of owner in his yard!--x3 now!!--2 weeks later they get a door hanger from me...
    Sending out one flier is wasteful in most cases!---postcards are more professional as are door hangers...and there is a difference between sending one to the same address or them getting two...

    Having a truck/trailer and equipment doesn't make you a lawncare professional...having a business plan, marketing plan, the equipment and the knowledge of business does!---if you are asking how to market on the site, chances don't know business...and you need to learn that long before you put mower to grass!
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  9. unkownfl

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    Very impressive with the advertising you are doing. Maybe it is not such a waste. I just don't see how you only have 150 dollars in 1250 fliers as the postage would be astronomical to do this.
  10. SamTheLawnMan

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    Grasschopper.....very wise one you are!!! or should I say grasshopper???

    BTW nice method

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