Heres pictures of some of my landscape work

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    nice work nice grass much work
  2. MowinginEureka

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    Hey Tizzie. Yeah, those are Escalonia Hedges. Very very fast growing, resilient, and they grow about 3 feet a year. I have cut a 12 by 12 by 12 hedge down to 1x1x12 and it filled in within 6 months to a nice 1.5x1.5.12 . I have never had the problem with bare spots on the hedges here. What I always do is prune back hard to where I pruned last time, about every 9 months. Then, once every 3-5 years I prune back beyond where I usually prune and bare it a little to encourage even, new growth. This of course depends on breed/variety of hedge. But thanks for the feedback, I have a lot of the hedges and have never ran into that type of problem here.
  3. LizzieLandscapes

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    Thank's for that info, appreciate it mowingineureka.

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    What kind of bushes are those in pic 4 and 5 the ones with the bright flower
  5. Capemay Eagle

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    Nice work. I have never heard of Eureka Cali, so I looked it up and noticed the weather. From what I read, it never really gets below 40 and never seems to get above the 60's? Is this true? From what I am reading, sounds like you guys are stuck in spring all year?
  6. bigstumpyd

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    good looking work! How much can you haul in that dump insert? I looks strong
  7. MowinginEureka

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    Yeah, Pretty much spring all year. We get some 70-80 summer days and some 20-30 winter days. But, mostly mild. Coastal Cali weather. I just put 2k lbs of dirt in that dump insert yesterday. It can handle 5500. The new ones handle I think 7k lbs. I would have to add sideboards to even fit more weight, 2 yards of rock is 4-4500 lbs. It holds 2.4 yards. But my little f-250 cant handle that much! Oh yeah, the bush in picture 4 is called a Pierris. It a variegated species of shrub, they turn yellow and green to that beautiful red. I think the ones in picture 5 are Azaleas.
  8. Capemay Eagle

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    I am on the coast aswell and the weather here in South Jersey on the "Cape" is all over the place. We typically have mild winters very little if any snow and the high temps are in the 40's-50's all winter, with colder streaks. The summer however can be brutal with 80's-90's and 100's along with the humidity

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