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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by paul jr, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. paul jr

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    I don't know how to link them to my other post but her they are, just take it easy on me:hammerhead: I know you guys are the best and I'm just a guy who likes to do a little hands on work in the yard. So if you can read my other post and maybe give me some advice it would be helpful. I'm going to put in the limestone steps this week and the pavers I'm not sure what to use and layout style. For a brand i have a choice of belgard,unilock and techo-block pavers in my area for sale. Other brands too but those seem like a good choice to go thru. I was thinking a circle pack at the front of the porch then a 5ft walkway following the curve of the wall to the driveway steps. I just don't know, what color or layout style would look the best i figured you guys can help me out. THANKS

    number 1.JPG

    number 2.JPG

    number 3.JPG

    number 4.JPG

    number 5.JPG
  2. ChampionLS

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    Nice Job!
    Make sure you bring some topsoil in and fill up to that base course. I see hollow spaces showing, and it won't be long before things start to collapse.
  3. paul jr

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    Thanks for the comment, but where do you see a hollow spot any place on the wall there are at least 1 or 2 blocks bellow grade. It might be my pictures i went out this morning and took some quick ones, not that great but i was trying to get some input. Thanks
  4. tthomass

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    Now sell them on a landscape.
  5. paul jr

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    You mean, sell me on landscape cause its my house and ill have to go into the other section for landscape tips thats coming next.
  6. cgland

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    That pillar is really bad. Other than that, I would split the caps and end blocks.

  7. paul jr

    paul jr LawnSite Member
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    chris why is it really bad, just so you know its not all glued yet i need to brake it down and glue it. I was just trying to see what height i wanted. But if you see something else please tell. If you can read my other post i was looking for some advice and i have seen your pic's of work and its really nice so if you can help i really appreciated and just so you know this is the first time i ever done block work. Thanks
  8. forestfireguy

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    All and all it looks pretty good especially for someone not in the business. I'd also split the caps and ends and they make special block for pillars, which are larger,the idea is for them to look substatial, that said I've seen worse from guys who claim to be professional. One last thing, did you take into account final grade at the base of the steps, it looks like an awfully high step right now.
  9. cgland

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    It's bad because it's out of plumb. I'm sure you can fix it when you glue it. Looks pretty good for a first time effort.

  10. paul jr

    paul jr LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the comment's guys, I'm aware of that base just not sure what i want to do with some pavers or something most likely be the last thing i do. Any advice would be highly appreciated and i will plumb the column when i glue it. I know you guys do it right the first time i just wasn't sure how high to go with it and the cap not sure what to do yet.

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