Here's what you get for $5.20 an hour.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by shovelracer, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Well I have been referring to this job for a while now. It has been a client of mine for many years. This "company" did this job for $10,000. Customer supplied material. Company supplied the equipment, but not sure who owned it. Job took 10 months. Some weeks they worked 50 hours, others they worked 5. I averaged them at 3 days a week, which is pretty close. Company went bust by the end. It was completed about 18 months ago. There is sagging, heaving, and all around problems. Customer is having trouble selling house in million dollar neighborhood because of work. We are doing a complete rebuild one section at a time. Financially he cant swing more than a section every month or two. When we ripped up the back walk we found it was installed on top of 1/4" dust nothing more. I know the driveway is on top of dust only with varying thickness as they dumped a huge pile then graded it on top of the existing with no prep. I figured these 2 guys where working for $5.20 / hr and commuting from out of state. Enjoy.

    carnage 001.jpg

    carnage 002.jpg

    carnage 003.jpg

    carnage 004.jpg

    carnage 005.jpg
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    How is this stuff even possible.
    There comes a point when I would have to say that the homeowner should have had some clue.
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    Can you post some pics after your team has finished the job.
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    Oh i forgot the best part. There is not a single pin in any of the blocks. They are CST. Some caps are glued, most are not. In pic #10 there is the mortar bed to raise the caps to level because the wall is not.
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    If I was the homeowner, I'd be mulching and trimming things up rather that removing and re-doing this work.

    It really doesn't look THAT bad.

    I'd find ways to disquise it rather than a total re-do.

    Regrading, full mulching, and general cleanup. Re-level the AC unit, etc.

    He's spending money he'll never recover.
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    Sure, I will get a pic of the rear walk when we are back up there next. It doesnt sound like he is going to get any more done before winter, but I am pushing for the rear wall by the pool as well. Also house is for sale so if it goes then the job comes to a halt.
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    AC got releveled when we addressed the grading and drainage for the rear walk. I agree with everything else said, but obviously this guy like to do things the hard way and backwards. On the other side I would never ever buy a house with that much poor workmanship. It looks kinda OK now, but in 2 more years when the driveway has 12" heaves in it and the rear wall falls over the new homeowner gets stuck with the bill. Saddest part is that he thought it looked great and it was going to help the sale, until people started telling him it was a problem.
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    Homeowner got what he deserved. I feel no sympthy for the Homeowner.

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