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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HBLandscaping, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. HBLandscaping

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    Yesterday while I was at home working on my trailer & equipment I had a guy walk up to me handing out and hanging door hangers. Now before I go further,

    Like Bill Engval say's - "HERE'S YOUR SIGN"

    Im working on my trailer & equipment, Wearing my work clothes (Shirt w/logo and uniform pants), Trailer hooked to one truck & my second truck with plow & spreader sitting beside the other (Both trucks marked/lettered etc). With that said the guy (very polite) introduced himself and handed me a flyer, Then begins to tell me about the services and other breif company info (Last about 2-3 minutes) then follows up with "If there is anything you need or anything we can do for you, give us a call, we do amazing work" (Give him some credit he did sell the company pretty good......Gave me some great idea's LOL) and then he thanked me for my time and walked to my neighbors house who happend to be outside and shut this guy down quik (I already signed him LOL).

    Now, not only did this event make me laugh and wonder, but as I continued to look over this flyer & door Hanger I got pissed, not just because he was low balling the hell out of us (3 company's in town). Now I have been in business for 8 yrs and have established my company in my home town
    pretty well. People in town now recognize our trucks, logo ,etc and our name is now right up there with the other 2 (20+ yrs) companies . Now I have never seen this guy or company anywhere around here and have never heard of them (The other 2 compay's in town, who Im good friends with the owners) never heard of them either, So they have to be new this year.

    Now mid way down on there flyer & door hanger is the companies LOGO, which just happends to be the same logo as I have used for 8 yrs now, Secondly the company has under the logo " HB Landscaping (My company name) "Services" .......... So now all these people who have been seeing my company around, seen our work, remembered our name (HB Landscaping) and all the hard work I have put in over the last 8 yrs is being taken away by this *******. Today while working on a job, I walked over and talked to the neighbor (we had done a small clean-up job for early last spring). I asked how he was doing and if there was anything he needed or would like done again this year (I sent out a letter at the end of Nov thanking him for his business and another letter the first week of March about us preparing for spring/summer and asking if they needed anything). His reply about sent me over the edge " Yes we have a few things needing to be done, You didn't get my message last week" I said no I never received it, He said " Well someone called me back and said they would be here on Monday to start work". He went in and brough out the flyer/Door hanger he recieved and it was from the other comapny (HB Landscaping Services" Not (me) HB Landscaping. I explained to him that it wasn't me and that its some other company....
    He said he was going in and call them back and tell them not to show up and asked me if I could do the work instead (THANK GOD).

    Im so pissed, Im ready to call this company and give them a mouth full, and a kick in the ass. Im really worried about this, How many calls meant for me will go to this Ass Clown's company.
  2. Blueribbonlawns

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    WOW you can sue them if you have to thats amazing! somebody would have the ball's to do that
  3. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    I don't know for sure, but you might want to talk with an attorney. There might be legal recourse here. It would be worth a call to find out. Just my thoughts.

  4. lawnbutch

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    WOW!!!!!!! I think I would be calling the guy and make him meet you someplace and have a talk with him maybe with your lawyer!!!
  5. DLCS

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    Call your attourney and let him take care of the problem. You can sue him.
  6. davedealer

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    You have legal recourse. Google cease and desist letters and you probably can find a template to help you write your own. If you are legally incorporated then you have further recourse. If you had the logo custom created then there are trademark violations. If you are using one of the standard cookie cutters than now might be the time to change. Go to Elance.com and hire someone to do it for you.

    Don't roll over and certainly don't do anything rash. In the internet age you no longer need to be a lawyer to have access to and take advantage of the law.
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    HB - truly a sad story...sounds as if someone is riding your coattails and then has enough nerve to come right up to you and give you a doorhanger.

    Did you say anything to this guy upon looking at the doorhanger when he was at your home? You could have nipped some of this right in the bud if you would have called the guy at his game when you were face to face. Easier said than done...

    Also, if you have a registered business name...this dude cannot have that same name. You can call your state and turn this guy in for doing business under your registered business name.

    Either way, do not let this ride. Call this guy very, very soon!
  8. mattfromNY

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    Not sure what I'd do yet, I got pretty worked up just reading the post. Maybe when my blood settles a little and I can think straight, I can add something constructive. Hope you get it resolved real quick.
  9. Military Lawns

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    My friend, there is a time when a physical memo must be issued! This is the time to issue one In person! :hammerhead:

  10. Reassurance Property

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    If your name (which after 8 yrs I would assume) is a legal LLC. You have every right to go after this guy. I know I would!!

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