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Herringshaw Lawn & Landscape

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CJFDFF, Jan 12, 2011.


    CJFDFF LawnSite Member
    Messages: 20

    Hi Everybody,

    My name is Tyler Herringshaw, I am 20 years old and live Bowling Green, Ohio. I started my own lawn care business in the summer of 2001. My parents had built a house in a new sub division and was looking for more productive ways to spend my summers. I remember the conversation with my dad about wanting an apple ipod. It was the first "big ticket item" that I had ever asked for (kinda hoping like every other kid that dad would give in) but not mind he told me that his friend that owned the small hardware store would hire me for 7$ and hour and if I mad the effort to save my pay checks he would match what I saved. That way I was not spending all of my money but still had to experience what it was like to work for it. I will tell you I was not a very happy camper when I was told that. A few weeks before school was out, I was walking home from the bus stop and notice that a neighbor had put out a Snapper 21" push mower out for heavy trash pick up, I went to the door and asked if I could have it and the home owner had no problem with me taking it. I figured I could fix it up and sell it to a college kid ( as bg is a college town) and make a little money that way. I got the mower fixed spent around 25$ and figured that I would mow our yard with it to make sure it worked. It was the exact same mower as my dad had except it was the self propelled model so i figured it would not hurt to mow our yard, if anything it might score me some brownie points and help my ipod cause, little did I know it would do more than help me get my ipod. I was just finishing up blowing off the drive way as a lady pulled into my drive way and asked if I had mowed our yard, I responded as any 11 year old would, kinda scared and a little excited (cause i thought i had done a good job) and said yes mam. She then asked me if I would be interested in taking care of her lawn for that summer and told me what she would pay me per week for my services and I was blown away. 30$ a week I was very surprised and kinda excited to tell my parents. After talking it over with my parents I was prepared to jump into my first summer job. 2 weeks into my summer vacation and mowing for my first customer, my parents told me they had gotten 2 phone calls from other people around the neighborhood asking if I would take care of there lawn, I was surprised, here I was 11 years old and now had 3 customers that I would be taking care of. I made it through the first month with the 3 customers and was still not expecting what was going to come with the next month. Little did I know that my mom and dad had received a number of phone calls and emails asking if I would be interested in taking care of there lawns in the neighborhood as they had gotten word from my 3 customers that I was doing this line of work and was doing a good job for them. I still think to this day my parents were more surprised than I was, they had told people that they wanted to see how I could handle 3 yards the first month and they would let me decide how many more jobs I wanted to take on. I told them that I wanted to do as many as I could, and was explained that I would need some bigger and better equipment and I will admit I was thrilled that my parents were going to help me build what has turned into a fair sized business. That next month my parents had help me buy a 48" snapper walk behind mower, Stihl 110KM with straight head trimmer and edger and a BG85 handheld blower. At 11 years old I was the talk of the neighborhood and this time it was good talk. ( summers past I was known to cause a little trouble) I was now well equipped and had 13 customers that I was going to take care of. I was able to repay my parents all of there money after that first summer of mowing, I purchased my ipod and was able to save around 2500 bucks and win the state 4-h clock for my Lawn Care project. If I told you that I was not proud of my self I would be lying, but once school started I found my self not really fitting in with my peers, my summer was not in the norm cause with my responsibilities during the summer my family was not able to take a vacation as we did in year past and instead of looking at history books and math books I was looking at lawn equipment flyers. 10 years later I have expanded my business to cover all of Bowling Green and now into sounding cities, kinda helped once I got my DL and a truck and trailer to haul my equipment. I have expanded my customer base to 55 weekly lawn care customers and 2 medium size condo communities (24 units each) Most of the work is done by my younger brother and I, I also hire 2 part time employees to help 2 days a week when mowing the condo communities, and sometimes more depending on the amount of landscape projects. I am now looking to expand this next summer to having 4 condo communities and around 76 weekly lawn care customers and hiring 2 employees full time through the working season. I get asked a lot if I do snow removal and the answer is no, because I have a winter business repairing small engines and outdoor equipment( fitting i know). I graduated from a career center that I attended my Junior and senior year of high school with training in small engine repair. I take pride in my work and try my best to better my self and my business. I hope I have not board any of you to death and thank you for giving me the chance to share my story with you. Any questions or words of wisdom please let me know.

    Thanks Tyler

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