Hey… what does that mean???


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Guntruck posted a note in the Off Topic Forum saying he didn't know what LCO or LMO means. Well I don't know for sure either, and have been wondering. There have been other abbreviations that I've seen others using all the time and frankly I am clueless. I did find out today what IPM means, but only because I took the test. (Yes!)

What I'd like to see someone "in the know" create a new link up at the top in the area of Profile, Register, Search, Etc., --- for GLOSSERY. All these wonderful abbreviations could be listed there so everyone could follow things a little better. Any comments?


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I think LCO is Lawn Care Operation and LMO is Lawn Maintenance Operation.


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LCO is a commonly used acronym for Lawn Care Operator, generally meaning someone involved in the trade of chemical maintenance of lawns (and ornamentals).

Have not seen LMO used that often over the years. It may be someone's acronym for Lawn Maintenance Operator, or for Landscape Maintenance Operator.