HEY AFTER IT RAINS .... Do u charge for raking?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clyde, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. clyde

    clyde LawnSite Senior Member
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    I haven't worked but one day this week MONDAY....

    its now SATURDAY and i want probally work today

    or SUN all day

    I know its going to be tall on some yrds i will have some that needs to be raked

    DO you charge for this

    I never have b4
    but i have been a little more Money conscious lately.

    Trying to get that Private pilots license :blob4: :blob1: :blob3:

    u work it to the center of the yard and then rake right not hard
    but if its a bigger yard it might be... more time consuming...
  2. impactlandscaping

    impactlandscaping LawnSite Silver Member
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    Use a backpack blower to move it instead of raking, unless its really dry and windy. It is in our contracts for clean up time to be billed at XX per man hour, regardless of the circumstance(s) that got the yard in that state of being.Time is money my friend, and the only non-renewable resource we have at our disposal is time...don't give it away for free...........
  3. Luscious Lawns

    Luscious Lawns LawnSite Member
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    Hello Clyde

    Good luck on the pilots license. I used to fly when I was in my 20s (Cessna 172) What are you training in? Now I'm an old man and just work all the time.

    ANYTHING that is not discussed in the origional contract (verbal or written) comes at an extra charge.

    If these lawns are not very detailed I'd raise the deck about 1/2 inch and generate that much less clippings and when through, maybe take a BP blower and break up the clumping. Maybe offer to bag at about double price?

    Like impactlandscaping said "Time is Money" NEVER give it away. If this is a good customer ($500+ month, pays on time, always extra projects) advance him a perk of clean-up, But be sure you list on the bill, that you advanced him a perk and list that he is a valued customer is why he got that perk. But Joe Smow and a one time $40 cut ,,,,No Way
  4. CSRA Landscaping

    CSRA Landscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
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    No, we don't charge extra for making more work for ourselves than necessary. Customers don't remain customers too long with that sort of relationship.
  5. dishboy

    dishboy LawnSite Fanatic
    from zone 6
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    I mow and bag when it rains and stay on schedule.
  6. clyde

    clyde LawnSite Senior Member
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    Luscious Lawns

    hey thanks

    why arent u doing that instead of cutting?

    I am graduating college in dec. and wanted to replace the Cutting with the flying on weekends .... parachuters and charters and etc...

    Its seems ( so i have discovered ) it pays about he same per hr.
    The flying thing is a heck of a lot easier in my oponion.

    Cesnenna 152 will be what i learn in ...

    the guy is making me take the exam b4 i fly and i am like man
    but he is only 70$ an hr and he has his own plane. Olde man , he runs a small airport outside of town.

    Yea i need to get a Bagger if some sort.

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