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    Have read most posts here, and have stayed pretty quiet for the most part. I am a full time teacher and also own a small landscape installation company in Michigan. I wish you all well in 2009, with many adverse changes and conditions I still feel that this market can provide for a very successful business for motivated owners, like many of you.
    I also am training for a half ironman triathlon (swim 1.2 miles, bike 56, run 13.1) in Galveston, TX in April. Check out my website (yourcause.com/benborsenik) as I am raising money for the Michigan Children's Leukemia Foundation through this race. We lost a seven year old nephew to cancer two years ago, and having three daughters of my own, I feel that this allows a way for me to help, in some small way, to search for answers.

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    Good luck in 2009!
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    Good Luck to you! What a great cause!
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    im instred how ur hydro seed is set up got pics

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