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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by HarryD, Mar 10, 2003.

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    Since you are the resident Ford "expert":D , I have a Powerstroke question for you. In your opinion, what is the life, in miles, of a powerstroke diesel engine that has been well maintained? I have a chance to buy a 1995 Ford crewcab Powerstroke diesel pickup for $5000.00. It has 249,000 miles on it. It is a fleet truck, ALL maint done by a Ford dealer, and the miles are all highway. It has an automatic trans. What do you think? Is there some life left in that engine. I would use it to haul my crew and pull a 18' trailer loaded with ZTR's and other mowing equip. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    let me be the first to say I would not have a problem buying a ford diesel with that many miles on it if it was well maintained. 11 years ago I worked for a company that had 2 1985 ford f250 diesels they both had more then 250k on them and they were used weekly for a mowing crew and in the winter for plowing snow and in the 10 years I worked there one had front ball joints fixed and glow plugs. the other had the injection pump fixed. I'm sure those trucks are dead now but they worked a hard life pulling 16 foot trailers all summer with 4 guys in them
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    Can you say NEW TIRES!!!! Pretty collthough!!
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    im not a dodge fan by any means, but these are some sick burnout videos. not to wise doing it next to a gas pump though. go to multimedia and scroll down to the two piers videos.

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