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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fergman, Jul 1, 2007.

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    or anybody else who has experimented with this. i have been running double highlifts with solid foils on bottom and notched highlifts on top. i know that the more lift you have the more blowout,less hp and better quality of cut. but i read a thread where you done a experiment "the hustler lift test" i think... i remember you saying something about that after a certain amount of lift is produced from the blades produces alot of blowout then adding more lift will not increase the quality of cut? that makes sense to me and it seems like that the large amount of blowout im having seems to push the grass forward then after the mower has passed over it a little then it pulls it up? SO my question is, if i try double medium lifts will i probably have the equal or better quality of cut as the double highlifts??? Sorry i "called you out" in the title. its just that i know you are of high intelligence at all this. and i wanted to make sure you seen this thread.:waving: i have read for many many hours on this site and im so thankful it exists. thanks everyone for reading and please dont anybody be offended that i sort of acted as if envy was the only one smart enough to answer my question. cus thats NOT what i intend to say:eek:
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    With doubles setups, you just have to play around and see what works best on your deck.

    It never hurts to have a bunch of different styles of blades for different things and conditions anyways...

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